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  1. I would totally be into this; his noise would probably have a more tonal quality than say, Sonic Youth, who prefer loud over good.
  2. I know, and the only thing I really want to say is that I truly, no joke, almost never get annoyed. I hardly ever get angry; at most I might be frustrated, but that's about it. I am pretty much always happy (almost to a sickening point, according to my wife) and any signs that I am pissed at somebody can almost always be taken as a joke.
  3. These are typically good places to find band names... http://carl-sandburg.com/POEMS.htm http://bukowski.net/database/searchBOOK.php http://www.imdb.com/chart/1940s
  4. Maybe if you keep crying about it, you will... Ah, nevermind, cause you will just take me too seriously again That, my friend, would be quite ideal. Are you able to visit there?
  5. Franz Kafka - The Metamorphasis I just finished last night; quick read of course, but I haven't got anything else particularly lined up yet.
  6. I hate the internet for this reason. When I replied, I was being sarcastic; I was joking. But unfortunately that didn't come across as others read it, and instead people feel the need to write 5 paragraphs in defense of something that didn't need to be defended.
  7. Now that's the kind of attitude we are looking for So just out of curiousity, since I know nothing about Prescott, is there anything worthwhile there? Or were you being sarcastic?
  8. Just a freindly reminder, you do actually have the option of not reading every thread. Most new computer mice have the handy you-don't-have-to-click-stuff-you-don't-want-to feature.
  9. Haha, this is WAY off subject, but this made me think of it so I had to say it. I was at a video store once and it was just two guys there that night, so they were playing Dead/Alive on all of the TVs.Some little kid was loving it but his mom threw a huge fit and even got them fired. From that point on they only played either Disney movies or musicals. I wish they hadn't done that just because I didn't feel like seeing Bambi everytime I went there. Other than that, it was pretty cool. Ok, I KNOW, I KNOW, and I'm sorry, you can get back to what you were talking about now
  10. One of the best mix tapes I ever had was one that I found for a buck at some flea market. It wasn't even much of a mix tape either really, cause it mostly consisted of Bunny Wailer and Toots & The Maytals. Still, I can't describe the effect that mix tape had on me, and I think I'm still benefitting from it today.
  11. I thought this was about the Radiohead song, but yes, they were great
  12. ...and I don't know what to do. Ok, I know that not everybody here is from Chicago, I'm not that naive (but I am PRETTY naive, don't forget). BUT, I figured since this is thread is all about Wilco, and I'm sure Chicago has a pretty decent Wilco fan base, I'm going to assume somebody here is from Chicago. So, me and the misses (I've always loved using the term 'misses' since the worm on Labyrinth used it) are thinking about heading up to Chicago for the weekend (May 16-18) and was wondering if anything was going on. I'll accept any recommendations; music, art exhibitions, festivals, and any
  13. Ahhhh, I see, I thought you meant in order of what we thoguht was best, not in order of their release
  14. I watched "The Island" last night. I never saw it cause I'm not a huge Michael Bay film (he's ONLY about action, listen to one of his interviews sometime) but this was actually pretty good. Kind of a throwback to Logan's Run I thought. I really want to see that too. I have the soundtrack to this though cause Nick Cave is just awesome, and the soundtrack is great.
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