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  1. In these instances, the band should do the album version of Less Than You Think, a 45-minute Spiders, and/or Misunderstood with 126 nothings.
  2. I don't know if you were replying to me, but maybe I'm not "seeding" it. Got it with BitTorrent off of etree and it's still on my BitTorrent for other people to grab.
  3. I'm seeding this at etree right now (I think).
  4. Isn't Summerteeth one word? That kind of screws up your analysis. Also, looking at the patterns of the title initials, perhaps the pattern can't be perceived yet? (Blowing your mind, I know) [winky emoticon]
  5. The little squares on the bridge on the cover look rounded, that one doesn't. Uncle! Uncle!
  6. Based on the white, angled hatching on the shoulders of the bridge, I'm going to rescind my comment and agree that it's the Mobile, AL bridge. Mobile, AL I-65 bridge
  7. I think the bridge shot is from westbound I-255 crossing the Jefferson Barracks (JB) Bridge of the Mississippi River near Belleville, IL. There could be other similar bridges, of course. Google aerial map of JB Bridge JB Bridge facing southwest during 1993 flood. Sorry about the image size. I'm not sure how to control it.
  8. If you let me enjoy Wilco my way, I'll let you enjoy them yours.
  9. From Annie Zaleski's review (linked above): "But it
  10. Demons? I always thought some StL-area fans were just pissed that the band wasn't still based in Belleville.
  11. [Growl] Ok, who's getting the setlist texted to them every few songs?
  12. When the Pageant first opened (10 yrs. ago?), the sound on both sides of the U-shaped venue (main level and balcony) sucked. I saw Dylan there and stood up in the balcony (right or left side) and couldn't understand any lyrics [Dylan joke] and the sound was very muddy. Since then, I will only watch from straight on, but I did hear that they improved the acoustics somehow a few years ago. I just won't take the chance.
  13. They were on at 9 or 9:05 last night. They were supposed to stream another show a few weeks ago (per the Wilco email), but it never showed up on Roadcase (which was the link they provided).
  14. They've played New Madrid at the last 4 St. Louis shows. When Tweedy said they were going to play an UT song, I was hoping for anything but New Madrid. I guess we're spoiled?
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