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  1. first was the Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI in October 07 White River State Park, Indianapolis, IN, August 08 Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, April 09 Bonnaroo 09 should've gone to the Royal Oak show in Detroit earlier this month, but hopefully I'm going to the Ann Arbor date on this fall tour to make up for it.
  2. this felt like Wilco on the "Greatest Hits" tour. Still, it was nice to see a couple W(TA) tunes for the first time live.
  3. anybody know if royal oak is a good venue to see a band like wilco in? i'm seeing animal collective there in a week or so, and i'm surprised a higher-tier band like wilco is playing a venue that a smaller band like AC is.
  4. i thought tonight's was pretty good!
  5. i watched this today, and i think it was a little light on the songs, as well as a little light on the documentary-style footage. it just seems like a very light package.
  6. I think my family may be going on summer vacation in Wisconsin next summer, so I'll definitely check those places out, thanks!
  7. This was also the first time I've ever been in Wisconsin, and from the limited scenery I saw from the interstate and what little of Milwaukee I got to see, it's absolutley beautiful. I want to spend more time there.
  8. i've seen the band three times, and last night was the best yet. "She's a Jar" was my favorite thing I've ever seen. Also, did Jeff really tell that guy early in the show to "shut the fuck up?" All in all, worth the 11-12 hours of driving I did. Didn't get in bed to 6am. PS. Winston Legthigh, the direction you gave me on how to survive Chicago rush hour probably saved my life. I-294 was mostly clear, until it hooked back up with I-94, when I got stuck for about half an hour. Had I taken I-94 the whole way like I orginally planned, I probably would have missed the whole show. Thanks again!
  9. false alarm, i guess. "Diver Down" is a Van Halen album. "Hemispheres" is a Rush album
  10. evidently jeff just said the title of the album is "Hemispheres" at the show tonight
  11. hey, that's pretty cool. too bad i live so far away...
  12. have fun at your first show, Nudist! i wish i could make it out to this. I'm from Ball State and it's only a few hours away, but I have night class that I absolutely cannot miss, so I opted for the Wednesday Milwaukee show instead
  13. oh! thanks for reminding me, i would have totally forgotten. thanks for the help, Winston, seriously.
  14. alright, i checked out 294 on google maps. it's only like 3 minutes out of the way. and i'd be avoiding the brunt of the traffic by going that way?
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