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  1. On the topic of seating, I was refreshing over and over like I always do for pre-sale tickets - scored front row for the 2006 show at the TN Theater that way - and it put me back in Row P for this one. So I'm thinking the pre-sale seats weren't the best. At least that was my experience. Probably for the better as we had our 11-year-old with us - her first Wilco show - and it might have been a little loud for her up there.
  2. At Least That's What You Said Company in My Back Poor Places Art of Almost I Might Country Disappeared What's the World Got in Store At My Window Sad and Lonely I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Should've Been in Love One Wing Via Chicago Whole Love Box Full of Letters I'm Always in Love Ashes of American Flags Jesus, Etc. Born Alone Passenger Side Theologians The Late Greats A Magazine Called Sunset Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Dawned on Me A Shot in the Arm Impossible Germany The Lonely 1 Misunderstood California Stars
  3. Great show! Long show! Lot of old stuff I hadn't seen live. We got a couple of songs acoustic unplugged in the encores. Opened with At Least That's What You Said. Anyone got the full set?
  4. Heard "Pick Up the Change" in a local beer garden last weekend.
  5. New deal today: YHF, SBS, and KT: http://www.popmarket.com/details/27665642 Anybody got a current promo code that works?
  6. Was just coming here to post that. Good deal.
  7. Cool, thanks for that link. I'm in a couple of those!
  8. It appeared to me that Bhickman was calling the prosecution of flag-burning ridiculous, not people being against flag-burning. Big difference.
  9. I understand what you're saying, but I am really hoping that they are able to deal with their grief in whatever ways works for each/all of them, be it publicly or privately.
  10. I am a one-time Roo veteran going again this year, and I echo Dondante's sentiments. To get a spot on the rail, you have to pretty much camp out there all day. I guess there are worse places to be since Rod y Gab are on the same stage before Wilco. But it would still suck to have to be planted there all day and miss what is going on elsewhere. And frankly, on the main stage, even being on the rail isn't really that close to the band - you can get much closer when you see them out on tour.
  11. Not at all, I feel the same way. It should pass though, especially if it is really just like the website as some have posted. Couldn't iPhones already access the internet? Is this "app" just a button for the desktop that takes you directly to the site?
  12. That's my plan. I am sick of waiting around for my pre-orders to show up after everyone else already has theirs, so I am going to go buy it in a store.
  13. I found it interesting that on the page with the festivals, Wilco was listed first of all bands (before Bruce, even!) for Bonnaroo. Pretty lofty status.
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