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  1. hello all....getting back into the boys, mostly inspired by falling back in love with some AUTUMN DEFENSE lps i have here....can anyone kindly re-seed at DIME (is that the correct wording?) still a computer fool, and will need my great taper friend to assist me in the downloading of them...but, i surely would appreciate both sets pretty please!!! thanks, benny
  2. i got AUTUMN DEFENSE entirely and the last SEVEN Tweedy songs of the night....F^&*ed up on the record button for jeff's first forty five. sorry. but, if mine's all there is; i'll gladly mail a copy to someone who can share it. me, i'm NOT an uploader. thanks, ba
  3. AND you should hear THIS "sugar" mystery dance. MOST AWESOME REWORK of the song possible. find a boot! 4-23-10 NYC a great take...
  4. good show with Jeff in a fine mood when someone yelled W. loves you; he said he doesn't know him! sadly, looks as if i lost the first 45 minutes of his set for the archives. did someone record??? this hall in Tarrytown has THE most amazing sound. quiet audience should make killer boot!
  5. well...i guess we are both good in math cos our numbers jive....37 opening night plus 22 last night = 59!!!
  6. to all the STATS freaks...did i count correctly??? 22 different from friday night???? excellent work guys!!!
  7. agreed...COUNTRY FEEDBACK certainly belongs in the TOP TEN!!!!!!!!
  8. to join us at myspace. dig some of our OLD work and look for loads more....best, bbbb http://www.myspace.com/theballbustingbronxband
  9. any sign of a recording yet please? thanks, ba
  10. believe me my friend ANALOG, i too am old school. it's true...i surprised myself learning what i have so far. but, these torrents i have tried DOZENS of times with loads of help from others....it's just out of my grasp. born a touch too early! so, i'll wait patiently. thanks, ba
  11. aw come on now...i really need the mp3: zipfiles, megaupload, winrar thingies that i've mastered...HELP! thanks, ba
  12. hey taper guy(jmwils?)...star of the week!!! THANKS! any chance i could ask for mp3 version...zipfile and winrar are as detailed as i get; no torrent flac knowledge here. thanks for ALL your good work. you might indeed enjoy MY brooklyn recording. aside from MUCH female chatter and such, a GREAT FEEL of the live show to it....trebly, but kinda sweet!
  13. thanks DAN! looking forward to hearing it! a great booby prize for those of us who really wanted to be there, at least we shall hear it. TAPERS RULE!!!!!!!!
  14. and i can't even find the user control panel!!!
  15. pissed i'm not getting there tonight only an hour from home! do we ever get LIVE updates on the setlists here in forums? a texter? that would be good clean fun tonight for me! thanks! peace, b
  16. well, my FIRST live WILCO was surely incredible! got an awesome weather night outside in BK and YLT to open!!! great REAL seat won cheap at ebay too. a stellar setlist and a superb performance alongside the small handful of guests performing with the boys was just topping! SPIDERS killed and so did each track performed. couldn't have asked for more at my first. looking forward to another SOON! was hopeful to do hudson valley tonight but, atlantic city for a getaway with MRS. BA beckons for tomorrow. i do look forward to the recap...enjoy the evening all! and lmk if you get a free prog
  17. VERY SAD...R.I.P. JB!!!
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