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  1. Jeff Tweedy is mentioned twice and Wilco once (so far, half through) in the new novel, "Freedom," by Jonathan Franzen. Leading up to the mentions, the characterization of the musician and his band in the book made me think the author was probably familiar with Wilco. Good book, too.
  2. " . . . . Love" is all you (& I) need. Well, maybe not ALL but it gets my vote & I hope they start playing it live more.
  3. Thought it was a funny comment and hardly worth the uproar. Don't be discouraged.
  4. Great request! Too bad I wasn't there to hear it. I did listen to it last night, though, & thought how awesome and unlikely it would be to hear live. And to hear Twist of Fate, Someday Soon, Promising, Flowers -- Oh, the regret of missing them & more!
  5. My criterion is which has more songs that I like. Either way, there's no need for you to understand anything except the first part of your comment.
  6. It took until a few months ago for me to like SBS. Nothing really grabbed me when it came out and I was probably too impatient with it. But after they "redeemed" themselves (to me) with The Album, I gave it more time. It's still probably my least favorite but I can now appreciate it, especially YAMF, Walken, On & On.
  7. Mucho thanks also to owlandbear (I donated) and so generous Wilco (I'll now buy Kicking TV - even though I wasn't there).
  8. I recently got the show from owl&bear very easily and am absolutely thrilled to have it on cd to enjoy over & over again! I'm not generally attracted to live recordings unless, I now know, I was there. Thanks for sharing and making this Wilco fanatic very happy.
  9. I requested Someday Soon for East Lansing. I have to learn how to "gain the system."
  10. Thought I counted right but maybe not. Anyway . . . what's the chance they'll play at least in Chicago this summer, since their latest email says they'll be working on a new album and not touring.
  11. I counted 32. Also, got a laugh out of his talk of Cobalt & Fortran & how the youngins couldn't relate to that. I'd add lucky them.
  12. Yes, what a treat Summerteeth was/always is -- that's twice for me in a year! Also good to hear John and, like the maybe-little-bit-slower Passenger Side, a much slower Should've Been In Love, which was very nice. Absolutely love Hoodoo, especially when they pair it with I'm a Wheel, like they did at the legendary Royal Oak show last summer. They spoiled us with that show, but last night was a good one and now I'm so tempted to make a trip to Scranton next month.
  13. That was a great one! Wonder if the "evening" shows will come to the midwest in the summer.
  14. So, if the real decade timeline is followed (2001-year one), Foxtrot is #2 (Kid A came out in 2000), at least until this time next year.
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