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  1. I just booked a room for the weekend at the River Bend Farm B&B in Williamstown. It looks like a rustic and quaint Inn--only 4 rooms in the whole place and 2 shared bathrooms. As of this moment, there are 2 rooms left. All rooms are $120/night. They ask that a deposit be sent by check "some time in the spring." The owner was charming--I'm excited! http://windsorsofstonington.com/RBF/index.html See you all in June!!
  2. Drove 8 hours from VT to see this show. Loved every minute of it. All 3 bands had amazing energy--thought the crowd was great. If people choose to leave early...oh well! More space for me! Getting out of Camden is definitely no small feat. I found a small lot a few blocks away charging half of what the main lot charged. Was telling the guy next to me about it and he warned me to be careful on my way back to my car, or, as he put it, "Don't get Camdened." I got to my car safely, and was out of town within 10 minutes. Excited to welcome Wilco to Vermont on Sunday!!
  3. I was in Montreal when the guy yelled OH!. One of the funniest bits I've ever seen Jeff do.
  4. I'm surprised there has been no mention of Jeff stating that after each show, he is escorted out of the building by two 300-pound phalluses. I could explain the comment, but I think I'll just let people wonder.
  5. I will also be at the Montreal show (SO EXCITED) as well as Mavis Staples. Neko Case, really??? I hadn't heard that. This is going to be the most amazing weekend of music I've had since Solid Sound!! ps Paul, hope to see you in Montreal (your buddy Jen from Burlington)
  6. Very clever thinking, you deal-makers! Jeff was, naturally, hilarious in the dunk tank. After a little girl took her first shot, he yelled "You throw like a little girl!" He was also trying to discourage the crowd from trying to dunk him. The folks selling the tickets yelled "buy a ticket and support the arts," to which Jeff dryly replied "The arts are overrated." The entire weekend felt like a surreal dream to me. Attempting to dunk Jeff Tweedy in a dunk tank...definitely one of the most surreal moments of my life.
  7. That was really nice, thank you! What an incredible show.
  8. Also, a big break between tweets of Impossible & Season. I'm not sure if something new was done or if there was talking? They played Someday Some Morning Sometime before Season.
  9. Great post! I only caught two of the "evening with" shows, but I have been feeling the same gratitude over the past few days. The fact that both songs I requested for each show were played...icing on a very sweet cake. I, too, will see you in August. Thank you, friends!
  10. I've only heard Jeff do it solo, but it's really beautiful. Definitely slower and mellower than the electric crescendo-building version. There's nothing quite like the energy of hearing Spiders live, I won't lie. But I also really enjoy hearing the acoustic version. Just think of it as a different song altogether and maybe you won't be disappointed!
  11. They came on promptly at 9 and I believe ended right around 11:00.
  12. I have a single ticket for Ottawa. Orchestra Row FF, Seat 4. Unfortunately I cannot go. I will be in Montreal tomorrow and can do the exchange there. Please e-mail me by noon tomorrow if possible, as I will be driving up early and won't have e-mail access. jchudface@gmail.com
  13. It's hard to believe such a concoction was invented in Canada and not Wisconsin. I might just have to get to Montreal a little early. And bring some rolaids.
  14. I drove 9 hours from Burlington, VT to see this show tonight. People think I'm nuts (maybe I am, just a little bit) but you guys know the lengths a fanatic will go. It was, as usual, an awesome show. These guys are having so much fun. Someday Soon was definitely a highlight. Jeff said that it was the most requested song--57 people or something like that. Then he said they wondered whether it was really that many people making the request or just one very computer savvy individual. He periodically updated the crowd on the hockey score, finally announcing the win toward the end of the sho
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