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  1. My top five: The National - Trouble Will Find Me Travis - Where You Stand Son Volt - Honky Tonk Phoenix - Bankrupt! Jason Isbell - Southeastern
  2. Very sad news indeed. Brookes used to blog a bit on the band's website when The Charlatans were in the studio or on the road. The entries were amusing and he just seemed like a really good guy.
  3. Yeah, New Adventures is one of their very best. There is just a weariness that pervades the whole thing....especially in songs like How the West Was Won, Undertow and Wake-Up Bomb. The guitar on E-Bow The Letter always hits me in the pit of my stomach. Even though there were a few more great moments after this album as a three piece; it would have been, in retrospect, been a great place to end.
  4. So. Central Rain Begin The Begin Drive E-Bow The Letter Radio Free Europe Pilgrimage Orange Crush Losing My Religion Life and How to Live It Fall On Me Country Feedback Low Desert Discoverer Laughing Man On The Moon Electron Blue Undertow What's The Frequency, Kenneth? Uberlin Electrolite Not in any kind of order after the first two.
  5. Sloan The Byrds The Beatles Drive-By Truckers The Band Bee Gees
  6. I am really enjoying 3 Pears. Great guitar twang and jangle throughout and Dwight's voice seems to have gotten even better with age. Take Hold of My Hand, It's Never Alright, Missing Heart and Rock It All The Way are the standouts so far for me.
  7. spui

    Dash 7

    Great pedal steel guitar by Lloyd Maines.
  8. I agree. I don't like Cars Can't Escape as much as I do because it is unreleased, I like it because of how it resonates emotionally. The music and the lyrics convey the feelings of losing someone that one has long taken for granted to a devastatingly beautiful effect. I just think it really hits the mark.
  9. That is my take on it as well. Only YHF and AGiB tops The Whole Love in my book.
  10. http://www.last.fm/user/echo725
  11. I bought the Red Rocks show........magnificent performance of Radio Cure. I am really glad that they are doing this!
  12. I agree with Shug, a little bit of civility goes a long way on a message board. It makes for better discussions instead of a competition.
  13. Jesus, Etc. Handshake Drugs Far, Far Away In A Future Age Muzzle Of Bees Poor Places I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Pot Kettle Black Cars Can't Escape Via Chicago
  14. I need to give them a listen, I guess. I just can't get past their name....Frightened Rabbit, that is just awful.
  15. South Dallas near Lancaster got hit pretty hard as well. There are pictures of semi-trucks strewn about in the aftermath. Fortunately, I think it was some kind of truck yard, they looked empty.
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