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  1. Good memory, and nice report! 🤘🏻😊The Spanish tour ended up with such good vibes from all... Now, let's just wait for the next chance to see the band live again in this part of the world. Enjoy the shows this summer, lucky US people! 🥰
  2. There were some nice surprises on that setlist like Misunderstood and Randon Name Generator! A great show to finish the Spanish tour. Hope you made it safe and sound back home!
  3. It was a fun night with lots of friends, yeah!!! See you later in Valencia! 🙌🏻
  4. Yeah, in football the chant is also oeee... ;o)
  5. Such an accurate review of last night's show, gracias!!! It was a wonderful set and the band seemed to enjoy a lot! It felt wonderful to have them back over here. Cris PS: By the way, the chanting is "oeee, oeee, oeee, oeee" instead of olé (that's used for bullfighting chant, and we are not that keen on the matter in this region of Spain).
  6. Hola! It's gonna be my first Solid Sound experience!!! It's good to know that there's a meet-up place for VC people. Though I haven't checked much on here lately and hardly post anything at all, it will be fun to come by and meet some of you! Cheers, Cristina
  7. Hola! I haven't been around for some time but I've been thinking a lot about Wilco! ;o) I didn't find any info posted about The Autumn Defense's new & few tour dates. Here they are (US, London & Japan): http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=9b062c97d146b7961fc57d8d6&id=88933dde19&e=c45940010a And a new song from their forthcoming "Fifth" album: http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/av/2013/09/song-premiere-the-autumn-defense---none-of-this-wi.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter I just got myself a ticket for London's gig, though I don't live there and I'm not su
  8. Oh, I think she did great!! You can check out the video, she looked shy but she did wonderfully. I'm just too jealous! ;o) Imagine the situation, how brave of her to sing with Wilco live! 'Though in my case, if there ever was the chance, I would just faint, or even worse, would just go blank and stare speechless at Jeff... By the way, something I noticed about the audience: New fans! Young people on the first rows who were seeing the band live for the first time (at least in Madrid and Sevilla, the ones I talked to by my side). I must say the age on the first rows in Barcelona was older (jus
  9. Great show in Sevilla last week! It was a cold and rainy day but the audience reacted with a really warm welcome! I loved the happy start with “Dawned on Me”, the crowd made a great effort with “Jesus, Etc”, and I loved hearing some “new songs” that had not been played on my previous concerts on that week: “War on War”, “California Stars”, “The Late Greats” and surprisingly “You And I”… This was sung in duet with a lovely lady called Elena (I think she had something to do with the organization of the concert). I really loved the slow “Spiders” version and hearing “Shouldn’t be Ashamed” again w
  10. Back from the show!!! It's just too late now for a long report so I can only say that it was a brilliant concert! I really don't get tired of seeing the band playing and somehow they make every concert a new experience to me! With the Liceu they have already played all the classical venues in town so who knows where they'll be playing next time in Barcelona. They love this city, really, and Jeff thanked the audience a few times... The concert wasn't sold out (tickets were really expensive) but it looked quite full in the end. I was quite surprised for the really rocker start (as I was wrongly
  11. Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be at the show, so enjoy all of you who unfortunately can't make it, I know it's going to be great!!!! ;o)
  12. I love the poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the shows, in spite of the situation in our country. The stars will align and for a few hours we'll all forget about the rest and will just enjoy with our favourite music!!
  13. Hola! I still got a few days of holidays in October so I decided yesterday to extend my Wilco tour in Spain... So, besides Barcelona, I'll try to make it to Madrid and Sevilla!! I also decided against Murcia's show for the same fears of the audience not being too supportive to Wilco's music! ;o) I hope we are all wrong and you also have a fab time in Murcia! So see you maybe in Madrid?
  14. Yesterday's excitement about seeing the band live again covered the harsh reality of those prices... With what's going on in this country now I really don't know how many fans will be able to afford the tickets! I just checked for Liceu and obviously the ones being sold most are the seats on the top side balconies at 38 euro (also cheaper than last years prices at Palau de la Musica). And in Barcelona's case this time, I think the prices have to do with the chosen venue. As you can imagine there are still plenty at 85 & 125 euros... So dear Wilco, make it a long and unforgettable concert
  15. So excited to know that Wilco will be back in Spain next October, and more excited to have just got my tickets for their show at the Liceu in Barcelona!!!! The most amazing seated venue (an impressive opera hall by the Ramblas in the city center). I assume the rest of the dates are also seated venues... Dates are: 14 Oct 2012 / Bilbao, Spain / Palacio Euskalduna 15 Oct 2012 / Barcelona, Spain / Liceu 16 Oct 2012 / Madrid, Spain / Palacio Vistalegre 18 Oct 2012 / Sevilla, Spain / Auditorio Rocio Jurado Thanks WILCO!!!!!!!!!
  16. The pics are from the rehearsals of the show at a venue in town (the second space of Sala Apolo), far from the location of the main Festival. They also have some showcases and start and end of the week performances at that club: http://sanmiguelprimaverasound.es/primaveraCiutatClubs?lang=en I assume the Wilco guys were at the Forum and just joined the band for the real show (that I missed completely! I was listening to The Cure instead, and if I had known I could have been at both as The Cure played for more than 3 hours...). I bumped into Nels Cline by the end of The Cure's performance an
  17. A great video from the start of the concert with War on War (from another fan on the first row):
  18. Oooh, my God!!!!!! I've just listened to it... First I thought it was a video with the translated subtitles written on but no, it's Jeff doing a great effort at singing in Spanish!!!! Ok, "Dawned on Me" is one of my favourite songs on the last record and his singing is great but the words, even being the right translated Spanish words, don't make it easy to listen to, and neither to sing for him... But I really appreciate the try and maybe he can go on improving this version in the future! ;o)
  19. Hi again! Looking forward to the recorded webcast too... If you can make it available for us, JHamm!! Thanks! And a few pics of the store gig! WILCO REVOLVER by crisgallegophoto, on Flickr WILCO REVOLVER by crisgallegophoto, on Flickr WILCO REVOLVER by crisgallegophoto, on Flickr And you can check a few more on my Flickr Photostream... ;o)
  20. Hola! Sí, hubiera sido demasiado arriesgado! La tienda es minúscula y se creó bastante expectación aunque pensé que iba a ser más caótico. Supongo que mucha gente debió de pensar lo mismo y ya no se acercó en masa... Bueno, fue una experiencia entrañable. Los fans estábamos como en una nube, felices y expectantes pero casi sin atrevernos a hacer ruido por no molestar mientras tocaban y ellos muy relajados y de buen rollo! Ah, la conversación con los chicos fue muy cortita: mientras iban firmando les agradecí que vinieran siempre a Barcelona, comentaron su cariño al público de aquí, y ya está!
  21. I found it... Direct link to the video report: http://www.btv.cat/alacarta/null/18855/?v=0.23262987411736075%3Fv%3D1338722948
  22. And I just found a piece of news from the local tv station. Great atmosphere report of fans and images from "Dawned on Me" the song they played for the press before opening for the real concert... And I'm there too, at minute 5.05, the happy lady talking to Jeff!!!!!!! http://www.btv.cat/connexiobarcelona/ (there's no direct url, so choose the video on "Ultims programes" on the right hand side...).
  23. Ok... I'll try again with the second...
  24. Ooh no, thanks to Wilco for sharing that special time with their fans from Barcelona!! It was truly a gift! So here you have one of my mini clips (I can't seem to be be able to add more that one at a time): (California Stars) And the second one:
  25. Hola!!!! I was at the concert at Primavera Sound (I agree that the set seemed too short to me) but it was a really good concert!!!! And they truly seemed to mean it when they said they love to play in Barcelona! I also was one of the few lucky people that was able to see them playing at Revolver records. You can check their Twitter site where they have been updating info: @RevolverRecBCN #wilcoenrevolver The record store announced the show the previous afternoon and had a contest in twitter to give 10 tickets for the front rows (I was REALLY lucky to get one of them). And I can assure you th
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