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  1. Yep, according to Front Gate Tickets tix will be sent out about 2 - 4 weeks before the festival. Same goes for camping reservation, I guess.
  2. Thanks for the info, everybody. Bascom Lodge really sounds like a great deal - when you have a car. Gonna fly in from Europe and take the bus shuttle from NYC or Boston. So, I guess going for the campsite would be the easiest and cheapest option then. No idea about the tent yet, though.
  3. Once again a fantastic run by the world's best live band! Great Songs (some rarities finally brought to Europe) and lots of dancing - rocknroll Never get enough of that. Yes, Mr. Queenie, it was very nice to meet you and the Wilco crowd again! Back to the comforts of home I already miss queueing, dormitories, hanging out at jammed brewhouses (as a non-beer-drinker) and wouldn't even mind to bump into drunken Norwegian Gaslight Anthem fans with bears in their front garden again. Oh well, let's do this again pretty soon. Solid Sound - here we go! (No, I don't miss the Ozark Henry sets ...)
  4. There's another broadcast of this show tomorrow on german radio: http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/sendungen/inconcert/1690620/ Enjoy!
  5. Looks like an awesome guitar, indeed! Think he used it recently for some songs on their european tour. Lakland John Stirratt signature Precision would be even better, though.
  6. Great ending of a fantastic european tour as it seems. Thanks for reporting, Paul, always a pleasure to read It was great fun to hang out with all you guys! Hope to see you all next time.
  7. pretty cool, anyway. and some nice surprises in that set - when the roses... - wow!
  8. Geez! I'm really sorry for you, Mr. Queenie... Thanks a lot for the report, Paul. Sounds like we really missed something. I always like Jesus, etc. with crowd singalong and the last four songs - that's my favorite ending for a show. So, I'm curious about Bologna now. Looks like the next time I have to make it to Italy, too.
  9. oh man, that "security" guy stood right in front of me, with his back to the stage during the whole show. he started doing this handsignals during company in my back, one of my favorite songs and he was really making me mad. jeff then ask him if he could "stop being so fucking destructive". I tried to talk to him during the encore break, but it seemed like he didn't understand neither english nor german. Really strange... But despite that, the show was awesome! Even better than Munich two days before, who would have thought it. It was so cool that everybody was standing and dancing from the be
  10. Thank you, Paul. It was my pleasure! Hope you'll have a good time in Berlin and I'm looking forward to see you at the tempodrom. And what a show in Munich! Fuckin' wickedly awesome! Absolutly great venue, good sound and terrific set! Was so glad to hear The Lonely 1, Passenger Side and Side With The Seeds. Even though the venue was seated we were standing from the beginning and rocked! One of the best Wilco shows I've seen so far and really kinda hard to top, I think. But let's see... Can't wait.
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