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  1. I'm thinking I need to at least check out Peppers, Revolver, Mystery tour and Abbey Road.
  2. R.I.P. Jay...you'll be missed, but will live on in some of my favorite music ever recorded. God Bless to Jay's friends and family.
  3. i swear to god there is a tune were it sounds like J.T. cribbed the 'i'd like to buy the word a coke' commercial. one listen so far and i like it better than SBS, but that ain't saying much. i'll spend more time w/it later today.
  4. i've watched '24 hour party people' 3 times over the past 2 weeks on IFC. can't believe i never caught it earlier than now...it's like: 'where have you been all my life? or at least my life since 1989.'
  5. "Diver Down" is a Van Halen album. "Hemispheres" is a Rush album
  7. i really thought the x-mas special was great, but this one seemed way more focused...some of my favorite episodes have kind of been that 'less is more' scenario. i dunno, this was just great, classic sci-fi writing.
  8. meh. not bad, but definitely meh.
  9. Beyond the 'Green Door' and headed someplace else...
  10. i think i liked this one even better than the x-mas special...just a little bit though. only problem is, with each great special it's making me bummed about Tennant and RTD leaving after x-mas. seriously, the entire reboot, especially season 2 on, is some of the best TV i've ver watched. period.
  11. Yikes. Haven't had a chance to listen and formulate my own opinion yet...but bummer to hear the lukewarm response. I'll have to spin it later today.
  12. ehhh, i've seen the last two from the nosebleeds...and one lower bowl experience on the elevation dilly. should still be pretty cool.
  13. uhhh, no...this was the GA sale. just like the Vertigo tour, I got two tickets...but the wife and I will not be sitting together. she'll get the nicer 300 level ticket, i'll be up in the nosebleeds.
  14. ...because you have to or because it's better or what?
  15. I know the best answer would be neither, but i'm looking to get U2 tickets this morning and I see they look like they are available on either site. Which one do I actually go through at 10AM to try and get them?
  16. my kids will inherit it, but they don't want it.
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