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  1. review of the show here: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2009/06/wilco-palacio-de-congresos-spain-010609/
  2. he's also playing bardens boudoir in london on 9th september i can't fucking WAIT.
  3. i've been helping out with www.songkick.com - we launched yesterday after being in private beta for a fair time.. lots of nice press yesterday on wired, techcrunch, the guardian, mashable et al... any of you guys checked it out yet? think it's prolly something a lot of you will dig.. a few VC'ers are already on there solace (morecowbell), gregor (gregor), welsh rich (richhughestlobf) and of course myself (shepproudfoot)... here's the wired piece to give you a bit of a clue to what it's all about: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/06/songkick-wants-to-be-our-crowdsourced-concert-scrapb
  4. wow - i haven't been on here in a LONG old time. hey everyone! NP:
  5. Some pretty sweet albums made the final 50 list. Cast your vote here:::: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2008/11/re...s-choice-award/ Arthur Russel, Atlas Sound, Beach House, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, Brian Eno, British Sea Power, Cats In Paris, Cut Copy, David Byrne, David Holmes, Deerhunter, Department of Eagles, Dodos, Elbow, Fleet Foxes, Friendly Fires, Frightened Rabbit, Fuck Buttons, Gang Gang Dance, Gregory and The Hawk, HEALTH, High Places, Johnny Foreigner, Keyboard Choir, Laura Marling, Los Campesinos!, Mogwai, Neon Neon, Nick Cave, Bowerbirds, Noah and The Whale, Of Montreal, Peter B
  6. if anyone has an invite to what.cd kicking around - i would be most grateful
  7. this kinda makes up for the steaming pile of crap that the last rilo kiley was. not made my mind up if its better than rabbit fur coat, but its a solid return for sure. very focused - and some GREAT production. also, carpet baggers with elvis costello rules.
  8. cool - thanks guys, and thanks for the message louie.. i didnt realise there was a specific thread..
  9. hey - a friend of mine is heading out to chicago in a couple of weeks for a wedding but is staying for a week or so. he was asking if i'd heard of any decent clubs / venues that he could check out - so i thought id post on here and see what some of you could come up with...?
  10. im dying to hear this.. how is it?
  11. i love coming back to this album.
  12. well, it depends on how popular your site is and what your relationship is like with PR and Record labels... you can make money from it through advertising etc. sometimes peanuts, sometimes not. all depends on popularity ultimately :-)
  13. some of us run web-zines and blogs.
  14. sorry my last post didnt explain it too good. he's been chasing them for their signatures - and they've finally agreed on a deal - at the moment just to release 'Glory Hope Mountain'. it's just a matter of the paper work going through before it's 100% official. bella are also putting out the new album by j. tillman (fleet foxes' new drummer) sometime in the autumn. if you havent heard him already check out 'cancer and delirium' it really is something else. he'll also be supporting fleet foxes on the next leg of their tour, so he tells me.
  15. simon's been chasing after them for about 6 months or so but has been having issues with 'sealing the deal', so to speak. whether it be a monetry issue or not is anyones guess. i believe end of the road records were courting after them too. still, bella union are by far the best label for these guys in the uk - they'll do a good job on 'em, and with all the success fleet foxes are getting over here will only add to the anticipation of 'bella unions next band' so to speak..
  16. after about 6 months of giving it the odd spin and not being too impressed. this FINALLY clicked with me today and im now on my fourth listen of the day:
  17. 7-8 months in and im still listening to this at least once a week.
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