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  1. audience recording up on bt.etree.org https://bt.etree.org/details.php?torrentId=616645
  2. Loved it. FOB audience up on etree (see "In A Future Age"). I won't be there tonight, hopefully someone else will record. If you bring gear, bookmark the Wilco taping policy on your phone, and be prepared to employ some misdirection and Jedi Mind Tricks. Here's one got me in the door: Security: You can't bring that in here. Me: They allow audience taping, I'm allowed. Security: You can't bring that in here. Me: Surely you don't think I'd bring all this stuff here if I weren't allowed to record.... Security: Go check in at that next table..... at the "next table" further hi-jinx en
  3. "finally".....jeez, you guys are relentless......
  4. perhaps he's overwhelmed by the whole thing, and starting small...... or maybe he's thinking if he posts the Wilco sets first, noone will listen to Kurt Vile..... or maybe he's listening to his four different sources for 6/23, and wondering which one to post.....(I'm thinking the shotguns...) maybe he just needs a nap.
  5. second source; http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=591915
  6. I've got one, ORCH Row L, Seat 32. $100 / BRO. Meet @ Beacon, going in @ 7pm
  7. Pretty good seat, $100 or BRO (below face). Meet you at the show, I'm getting in early.
  8. Need an ORCH 1, row M or better. 4 channel rig,check my recent Boston Orpheum & Wang recordings..
  9. Pretty decent seat - 9th row, 6 seats off the center aisle. Face value, $110 (includes service charges). You can paypal me, I can transfer the ticket into your ticketmaster account. Thanks.
  10. Hi. SSIA. Looking for a decent ticket (center orchestra FOB or loge center) for Saturday night at the Beacon. I'll be recording. You can check any of the recent Boston shows that I recorded. Send email to bob AT rjhlaw DOT net. Thanks.
  11. >Whereas Cline’s record collection is likely filled with Derek Bailey and Sonny Sharrock LPs, Sansone’s has to have a healthy dose of The Faces, Big Star and The Band, and that mixture is one of the secrets to >what makes this band so great. Spot on. The mixture-balance-tension between these very different, but somehow very complimentary musicians is a big part of the secret sauce, imo. Though I did see Nels rip through an impressive lead on the Rolling Stones' "Happy" when I saw him play with Phil Lesh a couple Halloweens ago, so I think he might have heard that record too. May
  12. Hey all. I'm looking for the poster for Friday 1/29/2016, Boston. I didn't hit the merch table that night, but I got 2 on Saturday hoping to trade or buy a Friday. They go together, so I'd like the set. Thanks.
  13. point well taken. actually I copied the set list from post #11 above, which was a repost from a facebook post. oh well. can't change it now, the horse is out of the barn. once it's on the torrent site, I'd only take it down for a major problem, 'cause it would screw up the people already downloading it. I also screwed up the tag for the 1-29 show, putting the year at 2106. In a Future Age.....
  14. http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=584739 WILCOOrpheum TheatreBoston MA 01-30-201601 EKG02 More03 Random Name Generator04 The Joke Explained05 You Satellite06 Taste The Ceiling07 Pickled Ginger08 Where Do I Begin09 Cold Slope10 King Of You11 Magnetized12 Spiders (Kidsmoke)13 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 14 Art of Almost 15 You Are My Face 16 Hummingbird 17 Box Full of Letters 18 Heavy Metal Drummer 19 I'm The Man Who Loves You 20 Dawned On Me 21 Impossible Germany 22 Red Eyed and Blue 23 I Got You (At The End of the Century)24 Outta Mind, Outta Sight Acoustic Encores25 Misunderstood26 It'
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