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  1. Here's my president! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VryTPnM2Dxo&feature=related
  2. cant wait to hear how radiohead is, two weeks from right now ill be seeing them
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, along with Hundred Year Hall were my first exposure into live dead when i was a kid. Jerry's voice was so pure back then. chills.
  4. No wonder Bobby didnt mention '84, he was too consumed with his amazing solo career
  5. reality-tour.com thats the phish blog I use. thats about it.
  6. yeah that doesnt surprise me, its way too ridiculous to be real. still funny though
  7. http://thechive.com/2012/02/23/girl-tattoos-boyfriend-of-1-week-on-her-arm-a-facebook-thread-ensues-12-photos/
  8. St. Louis Blues, by Herbie Hancock >>> Spotify Ad >>> Booth Love, by Umphrey's Mcgee Epic.
  9. thats my birthday weekend. im gonna pretend thats why everyone is acting crazy
  10. were those the shows where they were billed as the Warlocks because the Grateful Dead was banned from hampton?
  11. I saw them in chicago a few months ago. they're very talented, show was only about 90 minutes. the crowd is pretty much all hipsters. for $20 I would definitely check them out
  12. Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville. thats where Tweedy met his wife apparently
  13. FYI Radiohead will be in Tampa next wednesday, its the only show of the tour that isnt sold out yet. If you've never seen them I highly recommend it.
  14. Besides Wilco, Ive never seen any of those bands. Hear good things about Of Montreal though
  15. I'm going to see Radiohead in 2 weeks in STL Roger Waters @ Wrigley Field in June Lollapalooza in August I'm sure. Otherwise Im just waiting for Phish dates. Rumor has it they're playing at Wrigley 4th of July! Thats about it for now.
  16. No actually, its a guy who's worked there forever. still does. I just hung out in the back and made sure no one went for a mid-tour swim
  17. I was 8 when Jerry died, so that ship sailed before my time. But two of my first "jam band" shows were Phil and Friends at Aragon Ballroom, and The Terrapin Station Reunion at Alpine Valley
  18. I spent my college summers working on the Architecture Boat Tours on the Chicago River. We had one tour guide who never failed to mention YHF album cover each time we passed by the towers.
  19. they were awesome during that period. Early Brent years, Jerry hadn't fallen off the deep end yet. I typically stick to '71 through '83 Dead, although there is some great stuff between '87 and '90
  20. If you go to the Mid City Nissan dealership on Irving Park Rd, Jeff Tweedy bought a car there once
  21. I haven't been to GM in a few months but I typically show up there on weekends around 2am if I dont feel like doing the late night bar scene. I live in the West Loop now so its kind of a hike for me
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