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  1. In Chicago now! Going to check out the sites this weekend. Thank you for all help you guys!
  2. Hey guys, Headed to Chicago to visit friends next month. Wanted to know if there are any Wilco related sites I should check out for fun. All I have planned is Marina City to try and take a photo like YHF's album cover.
  3. Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just me? I tried activating it on multiple browsers with no luck. I'm just assuming it's not working due to the recent website update.
  4. Nevermind! Got tickets to both shows! Woop!!!!
  5. Yeah, still no word from the Austin show presale. Was supposed to go up at 10.
  6. Not going to include Star Wars, way too early for that, but I definitely like it more than AM and Wilco selftitle. 1. YHF 2. Being There 3. A Ghost Is Born 4. The Whole Love 5. Summerteeth 6. Sky Blue Sky 7. A.M. 8. Wilco Screw it. List to include all of Jeff's major endeavors post Uncle Tupelo: 1. YHF 2. Being There 3. A Ghost Is Born 4. Loose Fur: Born Again In the USA 5. The Whole Love 6. Mermaid Ave Vol. 1 7. Summerteeth 8. Star Wars 9. Mermaid Ave Vol. 2 10. Loose Fur 11. Sky Blue Sky 12. Tweedy 13. A.M. 14. Wilco 15. Mermaid Ave Vol. 3
  7. Heard "We're Just Friends" while at Flightpath coffee house in Austin, TX.
  8. Headed to Jeff's show in Austin this upcoming Saturday. Any one know when people would be lining up for it?
  9. Was there a pre-pre sale I didn't know about? I really want to go to Jeff's show in Austin and I will pay top dollar for it. Wait for regular sale date? Stub Hub?
  10. See wilco enough live, so i don't need to own a live album. I always felt it was a bit arbitrary that Wilco made a live album in the first place, since Jeff is so big on people not recording shit at his shows to "preserve your own memories"
  11. Not my intention to be much of stalker. Jeff and the gang intended for the loft to be hidden, so I'll respect their wishes. Thanks for the link to the thread!
  12. Hey guys, Soon, I'll be heading to Chicago for the first time ever (not searching for a home or to kill someone) and I was wondering if there were any sites aside from Marina Towers that I should visit for Wilco trivia. Kind of like the finding the Seinfeld locations in NYC, which I did. Aside from that, are there any other places in Chicago Wilco fans like to hang out at all?
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