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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the offer! Let me think on it. I have a diesel so I'm going to want to start it on occasion and may want to be close to hotel.
  2. I spent hours on Hotwire trying to get the best deal. I hate to not be able to cancel however and after looking at booking directly, the rates about the same when you figure the Hotwire fees. I keep checking the closer hotels, Wit, Monaco, Virgin and so on for better rates but I think I've done as good as I can. They will have good sales from time to time so doesn't hurt to keep an eye on it. Can't beat the prices this time of the year in downtown Chicago! I think I'm paying $744 total with tax for 5 nights for River View room at the Monaco. Normally wouldn't care too much about the view but s
  3. Where's everyone staying for Winterlude? I almost rented a condo, about the same price as a hotel but not as close. I'll be working in room for 5 days so wanted something descent. I was going to go through Hotwire but I hate not being able to cancel and not know for sure what I'm getting. I know that can generally be figured out, in fact I have gotten what I expected most of the time. Honestly, with the extra Hotwire fees then having to pay for wifi at some places it's not that much better of a deal. I got a room at the Hotel Monaco about 2 blocks away from the theatre. Good rates, winter sa
  4. Has anyone had a seat in a mezzanine box at the Chicago Theatre? I understand the sound isn't good and of course way in the back. I assume these are mezzanine (Section BOX Row L3 Seat 4)? At first I thought they were balcony box but doesn't look like it. Any info would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks! What's the weather usually like? If not too warm at night I could park the RV at Aggie and take the shuttle. Don't really need power if don't need to run A/C. RV has a generator but won't be able to run at night. Will have water in the tank for showers and such. I really don't want to commit to Aggie as no refunds but might. There is a very nice campground close but I contacted and it's full at this time. The gentleman put me on a list if anyone cancels. Thanks again!
  6. Yeah, I saw that option but not for me. Thanks for the info! Steve
  7. Well, got tickets so I'm going this year, never been before. I was going to take a small motorhome to camp but can't find anything around with hookups. I'd like power for A/C and water. I could get by without but want to know what the weather is typically like. I don't sleep well if hot. It looks like highs that time of the year are around 80 and lows in the 50s-60s. Is that about right? If so, I could get by with 12V vent fan at night. I may drive my truck out but as you know, hotels are a pain to find at this point and looks like going to be a good drive with what's left. Not opposed to t
  8. I got a box seat, L3 for Saturday. Don't think I've been to the theater before. I may try for different seats tomorrow if I can do better. Obviously the view will be extreme left, hows the sound? Is it worth keeping the seat?
  9. It seems to vary quite a bit depending on weather/day etc. On Friday the line doesn't form very early as many are working. You can get there later in the afternoon and be good. Saturday is generally a bit earlier in the afternoon, especially if it's a nice day. Keep in mind, there really isn't a line in the afternoon, just a small group of us. The real line doesn't generally start forming until 5 or later. At least that's how I remember it.
  10. No, I didn't see them available.
  11. I was still finding tickets in the 100's until after 11. Just kept trying. I found 2 in section 101, row Q. Kept looking and found some slightly better, sec 102 row H. I went to the cart and deleted the first pair, checked out and showed the correct total of $186.50 and only one pair of tickets. Got my confirmation email and was charged for both pairs! Don't know how it happened although I did have 2 browser windows open. Shouldn't have mattered since only showed one pair at checkout. I set a message to the ticket vendor and waiting to hear back. I'm not hopeful for a refund as everything I've
  12. Cool, I'll see ya in May!
  13. I didn't even see that option, too focused on just getting tickets. Are you going Sandy? Steve
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