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  1. The sound was superb - the mix excellent to my ears! The band played really well - tight but loose at the same time. The new tunes sparkled! I'm not one to deliver extensive comments but if anyone cares to mention Jeff's notice of popcorn smell... it's true! We smelled it as well. Maybe the wind was blowing just right and the aroma hit the stage from the popcorn vendor. :-) My wife and I hadn't seen Wilco since the Star Wars tour. The show in Cary was just simply wonderful!!
  2. To those at the show: did you happen to notice if anyone was recording?
  3. Great performance with a couple surprises as mentioned. Sound at the front of the balcony was kinda muddy though. Lots of energy.
  4. Got a couple Balcony seats in Cleveland. The better seats were gone. And now, not even any balcony seats remain from the pre-sale. Should I have waited until Friday to try again? Maybe, but at least I have some seats in a venerable old auditorium. Now I gotta plan a trip from my home in Raleigh to visit the inlaws in Cleveburg.
  5. Just to complete the circle: I used the Amazon download option and got it. Happy, happy!
  6. Yep. I'm on yahoo. So that explains the wait. Interesting.
  7. I've been waiting for "the link" for a few hours. Does anyone know... is there some sort of problem? Perhaps server overload? THe waiting... the waiting... the waiting... :-)
  8. Curious where this recording might be uploaded. Actually, I've looked and haven't seen any from this new tour yet - but it's only been a few days. One other thing last night in Raleigh, we learned (from Glen) how to stop a gong from ringing. ;-) Great show in my hometown!
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