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  1. I guess that's what really turned me off to Wilco and Tweedy after the firing of Coomer and Bennett. They both worked hard to make the band successful and, just as the band was on the verge of becoming something and their hard work could start to pay off, Tweedy fired them. Just my two cents.
  2. Green Day at Gilman Street in Berkeley. Around 1989. Other bands on the bill were Sam I Am and I think Mr. T Experience (but maybe not). I didn't know who Green Day were and spent a lot of time outside the club talking to people. They exploded shortly thereafter. A band I was in opened for Third Eye Blind at some little club in San Francisco. I wasn't in the band at the time. Evidently it was not a pleasant experience: small crowd and the singer for Third Eye Blind was kind of upset things.
  3. I watched about an hour last night - a horrifying and sad fascist spectacle.
  4. I was a lurker in those days (still am basically), but i do remember this. I also remember a sado-masochistic bondage interpretation of She's a Jar that was about the most amazing thing I've ever read (as well as the reactions to it). Those were the days... ok, back to my lurking...
  5. Just came across this - never seen it before. Summerteeth era interview in Oslo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_vV5_lVB8Y
  6. Yep. However, Sanders believes his lies and will fight for his agenda, whereas Trump and Clinton are just saying shit to win the prize at the talent show.
  7. This militia crap and then the whole BoB flat earth thing... strange.
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