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  1. This is very early days for me and UT. I shall keep re-listening with an open mind, and reconsider!! Thank you for your responses.
  2. Forgive me, for I know this is somewhat off-topic, but I am having a hard time finding the Uncle Tupelo thread. Wow, UT was good! The first album burst right out of the gate on a very high note. I really admire the Peter Buck produced 3rd album. I'm surprised to find that Anodyne, of all their albums, ie the Major Label Debut, The One That Was Supposed To Hit It, is the hands down weakling of the 4, to my ears. No Sense In Lovin' must be the worst song that Tweedy has ever put his lips to. There is something seriously lacking in Anodyne that was present in the other 3. IMHO A.M. continues
  3. Man, this is so hard to do, and it changes every month. FUCK I love Wilco!! This month: 1. YHF 2. Summerteeth 3. SBS 4. TWL 5. Schmilco 6. Star wars 7. AGIB 8. WTA 9. BT 10. AM
  4. Yeah, I've been on a massive WILCO kick lately, and SBS just keeps getting better and better to my ears. Strangely, AGIB is starting to slide to mid pack. AGIB has many wonderful songs, but it also has excess, which is something WILCO is rarely guilty of. On a slight side note, I just received all four Uncle Tupelo albums (2003 editions, Legacy edition for No Depression). I can't wait to hear how they "fit" into this epic story.
  5. I agree with this 120%. This week SBS has hit me HARD.....it's as if I just discovered it's beauty 9 years after the fact. And I love the 2 new ones. (SW is still "new". I'm still OTT thrilled with it.) And today, after 3 spins, I'm floored with Schmilco.
  6. Oh Man, to each their own, but I seriously think you should give SW and ...er....S more time. I'm a long time fan, aged 54, and I fucking love these recent records. I will admit that the initial spin of Schmilco (and Star Wars for that matter) had me baffled and disappointed. Tweedy is a genius, and I think the later Wilco albums are much less immediate but just as great as anything that Wilco has done. Sheesh...I'm even reconsidering SBS on a grand scale this week. Years ago I thought it was lesser Wilco. Now I think it is top tier Wilco. All I can say in summary is....keep listening to those
  7. Finally got the CD today. (I'm old school.) 3 spins. 1st spin very underwhelmed but track 4 (I don't have a grip on all the song names yet) came across as something that is just as weird as the weirdest things they did on YHF and AGIB, and track 11 came across as bouncy and playful, with fantastic organ. 2nd spin was very "hmmm". Things began to seep into my brain. 3rd spin I knew this thing was fucking magnificent. Tweedy is genius. The band is fantastic, and this does sound like a band record to me, not Tweedy solo with some accompaniment. I love how it starts very quietly and ends
  8. I'm sure it has been said many times, but after YHF and AGIB I think many were disappointed that Tweedy scaled back the sonic canvas in favour of something more simple and direct, and this was seen as something "lesser". I will admit to being in this camp, but years later I'm discovering that "simpler" can be "better" when the songs are this good.
  9. Maybe slightly off topic, but I just listened to Sky Blue Sky for the first time in a very long time, and I'm floored. It's beautiful. I must rank it much higher than I previously did.
  10. Just want to say that I've been a huge fan since YHF came out, I really love Star Wars (never tire of it), and now this! What a wonderful time to be a Wilco fan. Clearly the guys are having some fun with the album title and artwork. Tweedy talked about "why not just have some fucking fun" in some recent interviews. Why not? Too many bands take themselves way too seriously. "Fun" does not mean the music is shit. The opposite might be the case. Anyway....fun times!!
  11. Is it possible that this lyric sheet is totally wrong in places? I mean, in More... how can Jeff not be singing "....I'd sooner watch the show.....only ten episodes...." Those two lines are so related, that's what I assumed he was singing, but the lyric sheet indicates something about a sewer, haha. WTF?
  12. More... is absolutely fucking epic. It might be my favourite Wilco song. Somehow they made an anthemic song with a 2:43 duration. Fucking genius. And that wash of white noise over the last chorus is fucking beautiful.
  13. Sorry if this has been answered, but on vinyl does You Satellite close side one? Or Taste The Ceiling? Pickled Ginger works well as side 2 opener. Being 53 years old, I still visualize all albums as vinyl, with "sides". This closing/opening discussion is very important to me.
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