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  1. After kidsmoke invited me to help celebrate VC’s 20th birthday, I had to ponder a bit. I became aware of Uncle Tupelo/Wilco in the early to mid 90s, after I got “cable” in my new house and started listening to the Americana station on my TV. Something about Tweedy’s voice tugged at a place I never knew existed in me. It wasn’t until the late 90s I bought a computer, and in short order discovered the VC rabbit hole. I remember vividly the first time I posted. It seemed like magic. Real life happened on these pages. People fell in love and married. Had affai
  2. I don’t think I can make this. 😋
  3. I don’t know how bbop can be expected to carry out his job responsibilities with that much harassment. 😄
  4. At the Louisville show, after seeing theashtraysays was also keeping track of setlist and banter quotes, I asked him (in between tunes of course lol) if he was taking bbop's place, he said, "Nah. He's sturdy". I was at the solo Springfield show where the guy jumped on stage and put Jeff in a neck-hold. I was also at the KC solo show where a dude heckled him about Bennett. It's abuse, and those of us who care about him feel quite protective of our humans, or ANY beings being abused. Pretty sure it would suck to have a stranger shouting at me, sick, in my work place about an intimate friend now
  5. Andrew, indeed that must be the case. In my haste to post, I found the first login that worked. Nice to hear from you as well.
  6. The slower arrangement of I'm The Man Who Loves You, coupled with Jeff's vulnerable reading, left me with full body goosebumps. Like bbop, we left a sweaty mess. What a tremendous, loose, happy show. I have been spoiled, I know, living in a city that Wilco frequents, and seems to feel comfortable playing. Last night seemed all the more poignant, knowing it might be a long ass time before I get to see the band again. Wishing you well, Wilco, in all of your various endeavors in 2018. You have given me so much joy. bbop, always so delightful for Sarah and I to be able to spend time with you.
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