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  1. Same! I went one year before, 2019 (the karaoke year), and it was a blast. When do they typically announce the lineup?
  2. Very belated agree on this. Of the three nights, the final one was the best of the bunch to me. A recording of this or night one never surfaced did it? I saw night two - the weakest to me (though of course still great ofc, it's Wilco) on Dime.
  3. What timing - I just came here to see what ever happened to the rumors of a Solid Sound 2019 Roadcase. Can't wait!
  4. Thanks!! Been waiting for this to turn up somewhere. Someone on Reddit claims the Wilco Instagram hinted these would be Roadcases as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/wilco/comments/cacvyg/solid_sound_2019_roadcase/etak22n/
  5. Wilco's up now as well: https://www.wfuv.org/content/wilco-solid-sound-2019 Hoping Saturday turns up soon! One of the best sets I've seen by them.
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