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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but any idea what the pre-sale password is for the Austin show? Thanks.
  2. I couldn't agree more....except for maybe The Wire
  3. happy birthday, mark!!! i hope you're out celebrating the big day.
  4. hi, there- i'll be heading to nashville this weekend for the ryman show and was hoping to get some recommendations for things to do while there: places to eat? bookstores? record stores? sights not to miss? anything would be appreciated. p.s. i'm staying downtown not too far from the ryman and don't think i will have a car.
  5. i have been searching for the ryman ticketmaster presale password as well. i did find this blog: http://ticketmaster-presale.blogspot.com/ which states that the password for the charleston show is JEFF. maybe the nashville password is the same? i'll give it a try in the morning anyway.
  6. is there a password for the music today presale? i didn't think there was...that you just had to be registered?
  7. i am going to be buying tickets for the nashville show tomorrow morning (hopefully!) and need to get 5-does anyone know if the limit is 4 or 6?
  8. i saw wilco there in 2000, i think-great show. tip's is a really fun venue.
  9. my husband took this picture of one of the judd pieces at the chinati foundation. it was pretty awesome.
  10. would anyone be willing to do a B & P of the marfa show? i was there, and i would love to have a copy of it, but i'm not technologically sophisticated enough to get it any other way. THANKS.
  11. not much-it's just a recording that lists everyone taping an episode of ACL during (and right before and after) the festival and on which radio shows the ticket drops will be announced.
  12. i'm not sure if this has been posted, but i wanted to give a head's up for anyone who wants to try and score passes to the acl taping on saturday. apparently wilco will tape saturday at 4pm, and the ticket drop location will be announced on KUT 90.5 Fri Sept 14 on the Left of the Dial show, which comes on from 8-11 pm. you should be able to call and get updates here: 512-475-9077
  13. and i see my husband (bearded guy standing sideways) right behind you. i must have been getting a beer when the picture was taken.
  14. "he stopped loving her today" george jones "houses on the hill" whiskeytown
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