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  1. here are some that came very close, at least good to great albums, to me at least: erik b. & rakim godspeed you black emperor blackalicious fugazi mastodon tv on the radio sun kil moon the shins beulah rage against the machine
  2. other ones that came to mind are: the plan - built to spill (keep it like a secret) head like a hole - nin (pretty hate machine) war ensemble - slayer (seasons in the abyss) south of heaven - slayer (south of heaven) hells bells - ac/dc (back in black) welcome to the jungle - gnr (appetite) highway to hell - ac/dc (highway to hell) tonight's the night - neil young (tonight's the night) see no evil - television (marquee moon)
  3. angel of death - slayer (reign in blood) thumb - kyuss (blues for the red sun) cinnamon girl - neil young (everybody knows...) walk on - neil young (on the beach) white room - cream (wheels on fire) search and destroy - the stooges (raw power) tom sawyer - rush (moving pictures) 21st century schizoid man - king crimson (in the court of the crimson king) enter sandman - metallica (black album) the modern world - the jam (this is the modern world)
  4. i guess it all depends on how popular a single gets, like with nirvana's nevermind album it was out a few months before it reached it's peak in sales as smells like teen spirit became more and more popular.
  5. i downloaded way too much new music the past two years and i just didn't know what to listen to anymore and i didn't even really like half the stuff. i guess i got burnt out, and i just completely stopped listening to any new music the past 6 months or so and just rediscovered some of the cds and music i already have from artists like frank zappa, kyuss, sleep, dylan, minutemen, and tom waits. revisiting some of the classics really helped as i'm starting to get into new releases again like the national, black keys, dr. dog, etc. as much as i like the physical product, i just don't have the s
  6. led zeppelin - when the levee breaks dylan/charlie patton - high water/high water everywhere blues
  7. driver, surprise me was from the bonus disc for alligator. it used to be available here as long as you have the UPC for the CD, but it's not there anymore => http://www.beggars.com/features/thenational/#
  8. William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark
  9. wolf parade - at mount zoomer
  10. the kinks - the great lost kinks album
  11. saweet!!! listening to: dylan @ newport with the paul butterfield blues band the paul butterfield blues band - s/t the paul butterfield blues band - east-west
  12. william elliott whitmore - hymns for the hopeless
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