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  1. Am I late? Thanks for all the fun back in the day. I miss the mixed-CD trades and all the swell folks I met trading live shows. To another 20 years...
  2. I like this very much... http://cdbaby.com/cd/dannathechanges
  3. Elliott produced a few tracks on the first Birddog EP, Trackhouse. Glenn Kotche played drums, as did Elliott on a number of the tracks. There
  4. amanda is in love with the sight of the moon she's got pale green stars in her room right above her bed put them on the ceiling leave on the light when the sun goes down then the stars might shine shining in the dark skinny little girl in her room alone she's got hell to spare in her home if you can call it a home doesn't want to be like anybody else when no one is around she talks to herself I can hear her in the night hey- hey yeah it's hard on a girl when the blood won't come when it ought to come it's hard on a girl when you try to walk around on the shaky ground hey, hey dad
  5. I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know Was the garage your playground Your pool a hose Did you piss in the alley and get your toes caught In the spokes of a bike with a banana seat Did you carry a knife that was rusted shut tight You got drunk after church at 13 We may well be the ones To set this world on its ear We may well be the ones If not, then why are we here I wanna know, I wanna know The sweet smell of candles burnt low by young women Alone on their own for the very first time Under posters of rock stars that you vaguely resemble In front of a cat a responding "Perh
  6. Rob, the site is GREAT!! Thanks for doing this.
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