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  1. I don't think anything press wise has been announced yet, but i do ordering for an independent store and just sent my request for copies in today, so it's legit.
  2. Hey everybody, I rarely post too much anymore, but I just wanted to pop in and drop some info I hadn't seen around the boards yet. It looks like we'll see the rest of Uncles Tupelo's records get vinyl releases for Record Store Day this year through Legacy/Columbia ANNND they're gonna be issuing a 7" Box Set of all the bands singles too. I was pretty bummed to hear that the Mermaid re-release would only be on CD, so this really cheers me up.
  3. Yeah, honestly if it's not on vinyl, whats the point? Same records, with demos we've heard, on CD.
  4. Not sure what your seeing there, but when I go to your link theres nothing in the store about Mermaid LP's. Maybe they took them down already or something, but it doesn't look like any are for sale anymore. Theres only the CD for sale.
  5. foousic

    Sear Sound

    I'm almost certain they recorded on tape while at Sear Sound since there were specific mentions of this fact made in articles around the time because they had such a hard time finding reel to reels. At that point I guess companies had scaled back their production and were virtually producing no reel to reel tape. The band had to even buy second owned reels if I remember correctly. That could be my mind running a bit far though. I honestly don't remember any mention of Pro-Tools ever being used around this time. Maybe your getting wires crossed with Summerteeth? Either way I'd have to say if it
  6. Ok, so I didn't expect such a rude response, but if that's how you wanna handle yourself on a fan forum then by all means go right ahead. I guess I might as well try and finish what I was trying to get out earlier. I apologize for not finishing, it couldn't be helped. Either way I guess I should start from a point that I think we all can meet and agree on, which is that I am a Wilco fan (I should think that everyone on here is too). Now with that statement I am admitting that I of course may have some bias in my artistic critiquing and criticism of their work. Now I wrote that previous post no
  7. This and the couple other ensuing comments thereafter bring up something that I've been talking with my friends about lately and it's that when one is a participant in this discussion of 'In Rainbows' vs. '(the album)' there needs to be a distinction made in the mind that there is an intrinsic difference between the two in that one (In Rainbows) is an album of ambition, emotion (and to be frank) more primitive artistic intuitions than a discussion of self awareness which is of course the grounding framework for '(the album)'. It is in this sort of critical dichotomy that I feel like anyone cou
  8. If we really get into this then it should be mentioned that there are still to this day quite a few songs that never even made it to the YHF demos. I can't clearly remember how many there were and what their specific titles were but I do remember when the wilcomovie site was up there was quite a few outtake videos of Leroy Bach, Bennett, and Stirratt playing songs individually. They were either never seriously worked on or just not submitted onto the demos and final album products. I remember that for a fact Jay in one clip talked about and played "Like A Photograph" which ended up on his fist
  9. Yeah asimplecadence is right, there's no way to buy public tickets for either show on tickets.com.... I've got the pre-sale blues Edit: Yeah I just checked, and there's no listing on ticketbastard either...
  10. What happened to Another Man's Done Gone? Should be right after Auld Triangle...
  11. Any chance someone could repost a link to that mix, I'd love to hear it?
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