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  1. I go through these periods, too. Once again, glad to be in the Wilco boat. Solid Sound, here I come. Opener was great, too. Voice reminded me of Angel Olsen I think. Anyone have thoughts on Kacy & Clayton's set?
  2. Sadly, Taj Mahal couldn't make it. Even just that one addition could really have changed my feelings about '15 as well.
  3. I'm thinking Chastity Belt. Booked a room already. Hope we picked the right weekend!
  4. Email delay/no-send for the Ann Arbor show. Funny thing is, first try at ordering gave me a 404 message, so I ordered more tickets. Got the confirmation email for the "failed" order, and no email was sent for my second order. Oh well, we still got great seats.
  5. New Mac Demarco leaked, too, if you liked his set at Solid Sound.
  6. Interesting tidbit: the Parks and Rec season finale features "Pickled Ginger" as a Land Ho song. Couldn't find it on YouTube, otherwise I'd post a link.
  7. Every two years, Wilco renews my belief in the fact that they are the greatest, most generous, and talented band in the world right now. This past month has been no exception.
  8. I mean..I liked the album. Listened to it 15 times already. But the songs in a live context. Amazing. The guitar tones are sick. The interplay, the pacing, everything.
  9. It's really cool looking, but I wish it was bigger than 12" x 12".
  10. Vinyl comes out Nov 27. http://starwars.kungfustore.com Also where you can see some of the details of the album. Who produced it, who mastered it, etc.
  11. Hey man, you were standing directly behind us for Tweedy and friends. Thanks for the awesome photos and videos. It was great sharing the space with you. Take care!
  12. About the book signing. We left the line before it started because we thought we'd never make it to the front. We were near the big stairs back in the Shaw exhibit. Anyone know how far back they were able to get in the 45 minutes? We ended up swapping our sealed poster book for a pre-signed one over at the record shop. We also got some great cheap(er) merch in the tag sale.
  13. Thanks for the well-written write up. I watched some rehearsal, and it sounded awesome!
  14. Ah yes, that's right. I was trying to place it on the last night not the first. The Weight is an awesome song, but it's hard to top the original. Most covers cannot do it justice. Smart for Wilco do go with California Stars. It was beautiful, and as we sang along, I slowly surveyed the crowd and stage one last time to take it all in. I was near tears because it's a beautiful thing being there with everyone at Solid Sound. Looking forward to California Stars two years from now.
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