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  1. Haw River Ballroom is a great venue. I'm not sure there's ever been a reserved seating show there or not. It's always GA as far as I know...
  2. The thing that frustrates me most about shipping from Kung Fu is it would take me less time to drive to their headquarters to pick it up than it would be for me to drive home from work. It's literally right around the corner. If I could just go pick it up and save the $$$ that would be nice. The people in the office there are great in the few times I interacted with them. It's the shipping prices that are bananas.
  3. Looks like they're up on Amazon.com as well. Just pre-ordered both.
  4. I've never seen a Jeff Tweedy solo show. Got to see him perform a few songs when he presented American Movie in Durham a couple of years ago but that was it. I'd love to see a full show...Maybe now I will.
  5. I'm positive the rest of the US will get dates. Of course I have nothing to back up my claims except I seem to get to see them in my area once every year or two...
  6. I got some Journey tickets for my boss. I was able to get some for Social Distortion in Raleigh though. Nothing else really stood out.
  7. I'm hoping for more dates after Asheville. The drive is only 4 1/2 hours but if they announce Raleigh / Durham after I got tickets to Asheville my wife would kill me. That and I'm going to Asheville a month later to see Slowdive. Not sure she'd be on board with all that...
  8. My kids are 4 and almost 8 now, so in 4 years I think they could handle it. We actually went over a covered bridge in Bennington each day, to and from, Solid Sound. It was nice! Yep, what you saw was the Bennington Battle Monument. It was really neat to see up close. It's in a neighborhood! Crazy. Never seen anything like that. We drove right past it. It was a really nice little town. We rented a cottage from Air B&B and it worked out great. Just about a 30 minute drive to and from each day. I'll take it. I do that getting to work each day anyway. The Kevin Morby pop up was GREAT! At first
  9. Outside of Wilco / Tweedy my favorite was Kevin Morby. Kurt Vile was great as well. I had a blast in the comedy area.
  10. I've seen Wilco many times in the past and have also been to many day long festival shows. Only one multi-day festival show previously. This was easily one of the best concert experiences of my life. The venue was unlike anything I had ever been to. I had no idea what to expect but it was absolutely perfect for the event. Parking was a non-issue, food was great, the people were awesome, both staff and people attending. The pop up events were great! I was in the right place at the right time to see Kevin Morby and the one for Nick Offerman. I absolutely loved Joe's Field. I knew I was going to
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. My wife and I are coming up from Raleigh on Friday morning. Flying into Boston and then driving the three (?) hours! Can't wait.
  13. I'm pretty sure there will be a Roadcase of both dates.
  14. Good lord, I just saw the food trucks available! Tacos, Middle Eastern, BBQ. Daaaaaang. I suspect I'll have a belly full of tacos or schwarma at just about any given moment. http://solidsoundfestival.com/food/
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