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  1. Haven't gotten my links yet, either. I ordered directly through the Wilco store (Kung Fu Nation), but the Shopify page still says the order is being prepared. I received the vinyl a few days ago, but still no download links. I e-mailed Kung Fu Nation about it last night, and they just sent the link to the pre-order download (i.e. Laminated Cat mp3) which should have been sent at the time of the order almost 3 weeks ago. Still haven't received the download links for the full album. Emailed them again, so we'll see what happens. They seem to be using Shopify now for their online transactions, w
  2. Great to see some HGM love around here. Totally agree, the Court & Spark was a fantastic band (one of my all time favs). It was interesting to hear some of the early iterations of HGM right after C&S called it quits (lots of dub-influenced songs) and how it's evolved into the current sound. The most recent albums have just been getting better and better. Though I still love Country Hai East Cotton. If you haven't already, definitely check out Scott Hirsch's solo album "Blue Rider Songs", came out last summer I believe. He played bass with HGM for a while, and was the guitarist i
  3. Great great show. The Harpua in that one always makes me laugh. "Jimmy..... your cat got hit by a comet!" Classic. edit: oops, that was 7/16/94 I was thinking about...
  4. Yeah I just got the pre-release download of this last night, and it was really good on first listen. There are some riffs/themes that were clearly pulled straight from Passover, but it's a step in the right direction. I especially like the groove in Science Killers. Sounded great with headphones
  5. Anchor Brewing puts out their Christmas Ale every year around the holidays (should be out in the next few weeks, I hope!). It's not a pumpkin beer, but has a spiciness that's you might liken to gingerbead or pumpkin pie. The ale itself is darker but not too chewy. Highly recommended
  6. I loves me some bluegrass...er, I mean---I LOVE IT SO BAD!
  7. Didn't get tix yet, but am thinking of roadtripping up from SF to catch this one. Edgefield is a great place in its own right, but seeing Wilco there would just be gravy. Suddenly I am in the mood to drink a Ruby
  8. Speaking of Dillard & Clark, "Through the Morning, Through the Night", which followed "Fantastic Expedition...", is also pretty good. These two albums are also packaged as a double album now, as I recall.
  9. The usual lesser-known California bands I plug around here: The Mother Hips (just brought out a new album recently that's excellent) The Court & Spark (and their current side project Hiss Golden Messenger) Billy Midnight (their self-titled first album is awesome, alas, out of print...PM me if you want to take a listen) The former two bands have opened for Wilco at some point in their respective careers.
  10. On the first listen, I was thinking "Gimme Fiction Pt II" but after a bit of digesting it's starting to develop its own personality, particularly toward the latter half of the album. I'm definitely hearing some recycled riffage/changes from Fiction (M. Valentine and I Summon You come to mind here), but it sounds pretty good nonetheless. Will need to give it some more time. I agree, the horns are a nice addition to this one. Really tastefully done.
  11. Black and Tan is fantastic! I've been having more trouble finding it lately compared to the other flavors, though. Maybe the thought of stout ice cream doesn't appeal to people so much, even though it basically tastes like vanilla ice cream with a hint of stout. It's a very subtle flavor, especially in contrast with the more dominant chocolate ice cream with which it's paired. Really good, though---worth trying if you can find it.
  12. New Country - Beachwood Sparks Try Again - Big Star Pastry Sharp - Califone Trying Not To Think About It - The Futureheads Newest Industry - H
  13. Haven't listened to this in forever. I'd forgotten just how much ass this album kicks.
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