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Muzzle of Bees video

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That was awesome! Nice showcase of Nels fingerwork there.


If Jeff had used a blowdryer that day, this thing would be huge on MTV!


Very nice performance....

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Very nice to finally see this. I got hooked looking at all of the Wilco stuff on YouTube and stumbled across this:



It's some sort of Japanese Animation cartoon set to "Just A Kid," and it's really, really cool. Should've been made into a video, Greg

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what is this "burn to shine" dvd thing you guys speak of? :brow



Burn to Shine is a film series produced by Fugazi's Brendan Canty

and directed by filmmaker Christoph Green.


Brendan and Christoph travel from town

to town with a posse of shooters* and a van full

of recording gear to film bands performing in

houses that are about to be demolished or burned

to the ground. They document the doomed house,

the bands, and the demolition, and put it together

in a 55 minute film. Each film has a different

curator who is entrenched in the respective music

scene. This allows the bands chosen to be

put in a particular time and place.


The bands set up in the living room, playing just one

song each for the cameras alone, allowing the

viewer to experience them in an intimate setting.



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Okay. Imagine if you were walking down the street in front of this house and heard these guys rockin out in the living room of some delapidated house. Or, better yet, imagine being in the living room hearing these guys rockin out.


Thanks for sharing.

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