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Happy Birthday Donna!

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Happy Birthday to the pride of Riverside!


Has anybody told Riverside about this? :brow



:cheekkiss Many happy birthdays to you...


It's been FAR too long. We need to remedy this soon


I miss you so, fellow road warrioress! We shall travel and rock yet again! :cheers



My lovely bunch of VC friends, thank you so very much for all your warm fuzzy good birthday wishes! I don't know what Wilco is slipping into the water, but I've never met a nicer or more caring group of people than you all. I feel so lucky to have made your acquaintances! Yes, I'm talking about YOU. :cheekkiss


I hope the coming year will give me plenty of chances to see some of you in person, or at least plenty of time to romp with you here in the hallowed halls of these forums. :cheers Love, kidsmoke

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