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Wilco - 15 October 2019, Washington, DC (The Anthem)

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Fantastic show tonight! There were some changes from the printed setlist (which I got a copy of) but here’s the complete setlist as played. I’ll have more comments later. 29 songs, 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Bright Leaves

Before Us

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

War on War

One and a Half Stars

If I Ever Was a Child

Handshake Drugs

At Least That’s What You Said


White Wooden Cross

Via Chicago

Bull Black Nova

Random Name Generator


We Were Lucky

Love is Everywhere (Beware)

Impossible Germany

Forget the Flowers

Boxful of Letters

Everyone Hides

Jesus etc.


I’m the Man Who Loves You

Hold Me Anyway

Misunderstood (29 nothings!)


California Stars

Red-Eyed and Blue

I Got You

Outtasite (Outtamind)

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Here's the setlist as printed:


Well, that didn't go so well.


I'm getting an error message that says: "The server returned an error during upload" Anyone have any idea what my problem is?!?! (About trying to upload the setlist, not about my life in general!)


You and I was listed between Via Chicago and Bull Black Nova and the encore was listed as Empty Corner, Cali Stars and The Late Greats

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Had a great time last night. Thought the new songs fit in pretty well (with an exception or two.) Nice to see that they're rotating more songs than they were on Schmilco tour, but would still love to see even more variety night to night. Man Who Loves You and I Got You both felt pretty flat and could use a bit of a break IMO (as could Jesus, but people seem to love that song.) Loved seeing ALTWYS and Theologians, and thought Misunderstood was great as the set ender. Overall solid setlist and show. Will try to have my tape uploaded later today. 


ETA: There was also some great banter last night, including Jeff cajoling a guy for walking across the lip of the stage taking photo/video. Said "I hate that guy" and then called him an asshole  :lol

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Last night was game four of the NLCS and if the Nats were to win, they'd go on to the World Series (they won).  But I have to think that had some affect on the crowd.  When I got there, it was very mellow out front.  There were no lines to get in, and they was NO ONE looking for tickets.  Usually it's a madhouse out there, with huge lines in both directions.  My friend had 4 tickets she couldn't use (went to the Nats instead) and we couldn't even give them away!  We ended up turning them in to the Anthem staff who said they'd give them to people who lost their ticket or had some ticket related problem.


Anyhow, I had seats up in the balcony straight back, but the place was nearly completely empty for the opener, Soccer Mommy, and I wanted to see them, so my buddy and I just walked all they way down to the second row center and watched their set.  We figured we'd stay there as long as we could and then go to our seats, but we ended up in the second row all night long!  There were also 2 empty seats next to us all night long, and 2 seats in the front row that were vacant for 3/4 the show until some people snatched them up.  I credit the gods of karma for payback for the ticket donation for our great seats and the Nats victory!


I really enjoyed Soccer Mommy.  I've been immersing myself in their music for the last week or so, and have really been digging it.  They are mellow to be sure, but also a bit haunting and evocative.  Check 'em out if you need some new music in your life!


I haven't seen Wilco in a few years so I loved everything.  It's interesting that opsopcopolis thought I'm the Man Who Loves you and I Got You were flat.  I was blown away by how hard they rocked!  I guess that's the one benefit to not seeing a bunch of shows in a row. 


I'd love to hear the takes from other tour heads on this show compared to others.  I thought the band seemed very, very into it, especially near the end of the show and encores when the crowd filled in the area right in front of the stage.


More on the banter:  A woman in the front row had Jeff's book with her and he commented on it.  She said she's reading it for the second time and Jeff said something like, "I'd like to think of it as a layered story that unfolds differently on the second read"  Something like that.  So when they came out for the encore, she went to the front of the stage with the book open and a pen in her hand.  Jeff started to reach for it but then said, "A ball point pen?!?!  What are you, an animal?!!"  and didn't sign her book!


Also during Impossible Germany, Nels did a crazy solo that just seemed to go on and on and get more and more wild.  He was twisting and contorting his body as he wailed away on the guitar, and probably burned 1000 calories during that song alone.  At the end of the song Jeff said, "Nice job Nels.  You played it just like I explained it to you"

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 It's interesting that opsopcopolis thought I'm the Man Who Loves you and I Got You were flat.  I was blown away by how hard they rocked!  I guess that's the one benefit to not seeing a bunch of shows in a row. 



This is my only show this tour. I just think the song could use a break. 

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Awesome! Now I just need to figure out what Dropbox is and how to download the files!!


Does Wilco still allow taping or were you stealth?


Years ago, I recorded the Constitution Hall show from the soundboard area. No soundboard feed, but I got to set up my mics there.


So I guess to answer my own question, yes, they Still allow taping. Or do they?!?! I always wondered why they are not on the Relisten app.

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Thanks gents!  Bummer about Wilco and archive.org, but I'm sure glad they still let us tape the shows!


Is the live show archive The Owl and Bear site or is there some other beast out there?  Can you stream the live shows or do they have to be downloaded first?   (I'm very late to the streaming party, and still buy physical copies of music, but I'm starting to see the wisdom in streaming vs physical copies)

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