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Need to Reset Password Every Time I access

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18 hours ago, Neuroglue said:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. During the upgrade there was an option to show members' "display names" or "usernames", and obviously I chose the former to keep everyone's settings the same, but it sounds like that also affected the login info.

@RainDogToo, can you confirm that @theashtraysays' solution works for you also?

Seems to have worked, yes. 

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I’m just seeing this thread now, but I had an issue too. I’ll take you back to a few years ago to set the scene. Something happened with my password on here and I couldn’t log on, so I reached out to Donna who gave me a new user name which was the first letter of my first name with my last name. However, when I logged in back then, it still showed my screen name as u2roolz. 

Cut to whenever this change occurred and I had to log on, so I used exactly what Donna had set up for me. It didn’t work with the username (first letter of my first name & last name), so I used my screen name u2roolz and that worked fine. 

So Neuroglue is exactly right. 

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