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A Tweedy Show Teaser from Susie

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I do not see promised bongos in position yet, and only the cramped space for nunchuck display?

Please pass on the concern.


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Still space for one more mystery guest on the Gnome Stool.


Since reading Lotti's post I have had an acoustic version of Via Chicago in my head with lilting bongo accompaniment. It works pretty well I think. And if bongos were good enough for Mark Bolan and Hendrick at Woodstock then who is to knock them?


Edit: Funny what you can stumble upon in a few spare minutes:-


as mixed by John Lennon apparently, and whose first album is "one of the musical cornerstones of rap. While it’s hard to measure these things accurately, it is certainly one of the most sampled LP’s in history, if not the most sampled":-


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5 hours ago, Analogman said:

I wonder how long it has been since Jeff played a T Rex song? (I have not seen any of the home shows).

Sammy has sung Cosmic Dancer a few times on The Tweedy Show (with Jeff and Spencer accompanying).

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