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If You Absolutely Had To

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I was musing about how a future KTEL type marketer might package a Wilco "Best of" album, and wondered what songs I'd choose if I had to choose just one song from each of their official releases...one song from each album. 


Some picks are (almost) obvious, because Good God how could a "The Best of Wilco" by Ronco not include I'm the Man Who Loves You? (Though it kills me to eliminate others from that album!)


So, be brave, let's see what you'd compile if this were handed to you as a work assignment. One song, each official album released. Mermaid Avenue included.

What goes on 



Whaddya think?

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Should have been in love


California Stars

A Shot in the Arm

Secret of the Sea

Jesus etc

The Late greats

Impossible Germany

Wilco (the song)

I Might

When the Roses Bloom Again


If I Ever Was a Child

Love is Everywhere (Beware)


focusing more on "hits" than necessarily my faves.

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It's harder than you think it's going to be, isn't it?!

And really folks, you have to include ITMWLY. 


Trying to sequence this oddball collection would also be interesting...you'd need a powerhouse opening song, a good closing song, and reasonable pacing amongst the rockers and the ballads. 


Love the love for Secret of the Sea! :wub

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A.M. - "Box Full of Letters"

Being There - "Outtasite (Outta Mind)"

Mermaid Avenue - "California Stars"

Summerteeth - "I'm Always in Love"

Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II - "Secret of the Sea"

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - "Pottle Kettle Black"

A Ghost Is Born - "The Late Greats"

Sky Blue Sky - "Hate It Here"

Wilco (The Album) - "Sonny Feeling"

The Whole Love - "One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)"

Star Wars - "Taste the Ceiling"

Schmilco - "Someone to Lose"

Ode to Joy - "Love Is Everywhere (Beware)"

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i might get fired for my editorial choices. here is my track listing too:

Side A:

Wilco (The Album) - "Wilco (The Song)"

Sky Blue Sky - "You Are My Face"

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - "Poor Places"

Schmilco - "We Aren't The World (Safety Girl)"

Being There - "Red Eyed and Blue"

Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II - "Secret of the Sea"

A.M. - "Casino Queen"


Side B:
Mermaid Avenue - "California Stars"

Summerteeth - "A Shot In The Arm"

Star Wars - "Random Name Generator"

The Whole Love - "Art Of Almost"

Ode to Joy - "We Were Lucky"

A Ghost Is Born - "Theologians"

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