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Tweedy Show MP3 Archive

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Hi Friends -


I think it's time to make the Tweedy Show mp3 archive privately available to everybody on the Wilco forums! I've managed to keep up with logging both video and mp3 files on a monthly basis - and it's become a massive trove of over 1,000 full songs. 


I am not affiliated with Wilco or The Tweedy Show. Since it looks like many of the screen recordings are freely shared on YouTube - I feel sharing this archive is within the spirit of the band's open bootleg sharing policy. This is a fan passion project with the goal of savings the songs for posterity and making them easily accessible and sortable for fans everywhere. Please only share these files privately among your friends and family. I hope it brings joy to the fans and makes it easier to discover and enjoy songs from this pandemic era silver lining.


In an effort to prevent a flood of messages, please submit your email here and I will send you a private download link - the files total about 8GB. 



The Liner Notes:


-Every effort has been made to include the full start and ending of each song - even if some talking overlapped with the intro or outro. In most cases, post-song cheering has been omitted. 

-Metadata has meticulously been assigned to each song. This makes it easy to sort by episode, song title, artist, and composer in iTunes or similar.

-Raccoonists has been used to indicate Jeff, Spencer, and Sammy playing together.

-For all other performer combinations - the "Artist" tag indicates the main singer first.

-Spencer's "thigh slaps" are not indicated in the "Artist" tag

-The "composer" tag has been used to indicate the original artist (for example, the original artist for covers). It also makes it very easy to sort Wilco vs. Jeff Tweedy vs. Tweedy originals. You may have to turn on this sorting column in iTunes.

-The "Special Features" folder includes lots of extras - including all the partial fragments of songs. These were separated - since I realize many folks might only want full songs in their iTunes libraries. Seemingly improvised songs are also organized in a dedicated folder. You will also find a folder of unknown fragments of songs and if you can identify any of these, please email wilcovault@gmail.com

-If you find any errors or omissions to this archive, please email Brian at wilcovault@gmail.com

-All episodes were ripped from Instagram using Wondershare UniConverter, converted to MOV format, edited in iMovie, and converted to high quality MP3 using Wondershare UniConverter again. Audio quality varies - I believe it gets better as the show continues, probably due to several improving factors like phone, wifi, and app quality. 


Long live The Tweedy Show!

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Albert, having already wandered this archive, I highly :wub recommend it. SO well organized and such treasures among the easy to navigate songs! 

We have been so deeply spoiled by the Tweedy Show. This archive makes it clear just HOW spoiled.Thank you, all 4 Tweedys! What a treasure trove has been amassed over the past year. How odd; pandemic blessings! :spider2


And thank you, tweedynerd, for all your work on the archives! Tweedynerd, I know you had others assisting with this project, can you say who helped? It sure turned into a worthwhile project, and I know it ate up hours of your time, but I hope that was mostly fun!😊

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Nathan Fuller, that's who I was thinking of...is he a member here as well? Invite him, if not! :spider

Don't give me too much credit, Brian, all I did was look over your meticulous organization, and enjoy the music therein! Glad to help however I could.

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On 5/1/2021 at 11:09 AM, kidsmoke said:

Albert, having already wandered this archive, I highly :wub recommend it.


To be honest I have had enough of acoustic guitar. arrangements at the moment. I need something loud, upbeat/popish and exciting.

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