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Wilco — 24 April 2022, Chicago, IL (Auditorium Theatre) [Night 3 of 3]

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Spoiler alert: Same show (or SASS, if you will)! OK, the band reverted back to Monday after playing I Got You (At The End Of The Century) the previous evening and OK, Jeff became enamored with a  dog he apparently spotted in the audience after the band came back out for its encore/second set. But for the most part, these 20th-anniversary Yankee Hotel Foxtrot shows were pretty similar once Wilco and the supplementary musicians who performed with them found their footing and settled on what they were going to present.        


Perhaps I'll have some more to report later — will I? — but if not, kindly refer to the threads for the last two (or seven) outings...


Here was the complete setlist, as played, for Night 3 in Chicago (either The Magnificent Strings and Total Pros horns or both were present on stage for entire set, though strings and horns did not play on every song):


I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


Radio Cure

War On War

Jesus, etc.

Ashes Of American Flags

Heavy Metal Drummer

I'm The Man Who Loves You

Pot Kettle Black

Poor Places



Be Not So Fearful [Bill Fay]

Pieholden Suite

Cars Can't Escape

A Magazine Called Sunset


The Good Part


Outtasite (Outta Mind)


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Here’s one little tidbit that I think only the real nerds like me (and likely bbop) picked up. 

At the end of Poor Places, the Conet recording on the record ends abruptly with the song after “Hotel”.  
On nights 1 & 2 in Chicago, it ended on “Foxtrot”,  but on night 3 it ended on “Hotel” (actually matching the record). 

Yeah, that’s my Nerd Notice (tm) for the day. 
Carry on. 

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44 minutes ago, tinnitus photography said:

who brings a dog to a rock concert?


Last month I went to a Bob Weir show at the Chicago Theater --- a dude had a dog with him. Obviously  it was a service dog. My seat was right off the center isle - it was cool seeing the German Shepherd (with its owner) walk up and down the center isle. 


 Every time I think of dogs and concerts I think of Altamont. From the looks of the footage from that day, a dog always seemed be on stage. 



The Rolling Stones playing Altamont rock festival


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Well finally got up to posting about this show.  As other's said it was a great show.  YHF sounded amazing and the encores were the topper.  I did cry during Be Not So Fearful, mostly because that song has extra meaning for me and my son, who is graduating High School in a month and half.  Really liked the energy of the crowd, the right mix of respect, jubilance and awe.  Sometimes at Wilco (and especially Tweedy) shows the there is a segment of the audience that wants to be a part of the show by yelling stuff.  It is annoying, I don't like.  


Also I was the guy who got the last poster from the merch table.  Sorry if you were waiting for that. 


Oh yeah the worst part, is Monday I started feeling ill and Tuesday I tested positive for COVID (was fully vaxxed and masked through the whole show).   Sorry for you guys in the left dress circle rows AA and CC.  Feeling better now FWIW.  



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We traveled out from Seattle for this show.  This album means the world to me.  So funny, when my wife and I were showing our IDs and Vax at the door the guys made a big deal that we were from WA and gave us an extra welcome.  I was loving how true the set was this was to the record.  While I sipped bourbon in the balcony, it felt like I was sitting at home on my couch, listening to it on the hifi, with crystal soundstage.  I have been buzzing about this show ever since.  I packed a box of Wilc-Os in my carry on bag and it made it back to Seattle in "near mint" condition.  Thank you Chicago for being so cool!  

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