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Anyone grab a box of Wilc-Os at the Foxtrot Pop up Market a few weeks back?  I was able to get my hands on a box.  The question is, do I open it and eat it.  If so what do they taste like?  Keep in pristine condition for all time and will it to my non existent grandchildren?  



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I’m new to Via Chicago forum and am very happy to be here!

I got a box of Wilc-O’s cereal and the Foxtrot x Wilco tee shirt sent all the way to New Zealand! The cereal box (unopened) sits on the shelf above my turntable, right next to my Oxford Pennants “Turn Up The Wilco” camp flag.


I couldn’t get the Jesus Don’t Cry beer sent due to local customs restrictions. If anyone here has an empty can of this beer that they’d be willing to send to me (at my cost), please reach out, I’d be extremely grateful, and it’d look great on my turntable shelf!




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8 minutes ago, kidsmoke said:

Welcome to Via Chicago! I hope someone has that beer can for you! :spider2

Thanks! I’m just working through the site navigation, maybe I need to post an “ISO” listing to widen my net on this?

There’s a lot of great Wilco content here!!

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