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Third time's a charm

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I have missed my last two wilco shows. Last year at Thompson's Point Portland Maine as I was not ready to get back to crowd situation and before that I had 4th row for the ACE Hotel in Los Angeles, but was out of town on business.


But...this should all change come Thursday


We are driving in a couple of hours and wondering when Wilco will take the stage? here is a warm up act at is supposed to start at 7p, so I assume 8pm as they have always been quite punctual in my experience.



Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 5.32.45 PM.png


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There is conflicting information.

WilcoWorld lists Wilco hitting the stage @9pm. 
Bank of NH lists Wilco hitting the stage @8:30pm. 

I’d say that it’d be closer to 8:30. I can’t picture Mt. Joy coming on right at 7 & off at 7:30 and waiting 90 minutes for Wilco. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ve never been there, so I’m not sure when the curfew is. Edited for traffic info: I’ve heard that the main road off of the highway (Routes 11 & 11B) is a huge clusterfuck of traffic, so best of luck.  



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1 hour ago, nalafej said:

Mt Joy is likely playing 45-60 minutes. They are a big draw not a typical opening act. 

I really, really like them.  Glad to see they're starting to headline in a lot of places and expand out. 

Don't miss them!!

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