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Introducing the Via Chicago Archives

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I\'d like to introduce to you, the Via Chicago Archive.


This will be the new home for any posts/threads older than 30 days on Via Chicago. The Archive is read-only, and just meant for browsing or looking up old info/posts, etc. For the time being, i will only be pruning the current forums that see a lot of daily posts. I will leave the Tribute, Lyrics, etc. forums go for a while longer before i prune those.

I ask that you bear with me for a little while with the archive vs. current forum, as the process i came up with is new to me, and i am going to be testing it a bit this weekend. I may lose a day or two worth of posts in the interim, but i\'m hoping it doesn\'t happen, so let\'s cross our fingers. I\'ve got some very good backups from last night, so at the very least that will be the \"oldest\" backup that i might have to use if problems arise.

When things get rolling, I will be updating the archive on or around the 1st of every month. No guarantees that it will be exactly then, but that\'s what i\'m going to be shooting for anyway, give or take a couple of days. For the first month i will be adding current posts to the archive for testing purposes. Also, right after the posts are archived, the archive is going to have the same posts as the current forum, but as it gets later in the month, obviously no new posts will occur until the next archive.

If you have any questsions or comments regarding this, feel free to email, PM, or use the Speakers Speaking In Code forum.


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Guest baseball bobblehead
currently it is crashing my browser (safari, at work...) like a mofo. I can't get a thread to load in some cases.

that's the prob i'm having with some of the threads in the reg board area.

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so... the Archives...


due to a change in the way Invision works now, merging the two databases is no longer feasible, so unfortunately i'm going to have to discontinue the archiving procedure from here on out.


i'll leave the archive up (it's only got from December '05 on back now however, while this current database has from the middle of July)


i wish there was an easier option, but i've searched high and low and found nothing.


i will still clean out the random thread every 2 weeks or so at my leisure however, but the rest of the sections (save for the ticket wants/extras forums), will stay intact for good.

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