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  1. Heard Impossible Germany while i was getting my car fixed at a Honda dealership by me. Hearing Nels' guitar solo made me feel better about the bill
  2. something i like to do on guitar is think horizontally as opposed to staying in one position. The tricky thing about the guitar is the ability to play the same note in so many different positions. I find that trying different ways of playing the same phrase sometimes open up new ideas. Another thing to try is just experimenting with chord voicings a bit in new positions. I find that i get out of ruts at times when i least expect it. The last suggestion i have is maybe don't play or think about music too much for a few days, when I return to the guitar it helps me change my perception of my pla
  3. Yeah store bought earplugs are terrible due to all of the resonance issues i've found in using them. One option is to see an ear/nose/throat doctor and have special ear plugs made by the doctor. They run around 100 dollars and are essentially a model of your inner ear cavity. I've had people in bands I've been in use them and they have nothing but good things to say about them. I am actually going to be getting them soon as well. Hearing is not something to be screwing around with. I already at 23 have been told that i have significant high frequency hearing loss. Scary.
  4. I have a Jazzmaster with a mustang bridge. Make sure that the mustang bridge that you are buying is not one that has gaps between the saddles. Many of the reissue ones that you'll find at most of the mail order companies have saddles that are too small for a jaguar or Jazzmaster leaving gaps between them. The gaps cause both a ringing from the strings behind the bridge and also buzz. The vintage mustang bridges are ok but run about 100-150 bucks on ebay. Also you might be able to find some vintage mustang saddles which you could use to replace the ones on your stock bridge, creating a mustang
  5. You also might want to check out the Ibanez AS83. Its a semi-hollow like the dot but in my opinion a little bit better guitar overall. Its definitely a versatile instrument that you could use in a school jazz band context as well as anything else you would be doing. Traditional jazz guitar is all about having as clean a tone as possible. The problem with a lower wattage tube amp is while its great for rock because it breaks up and gives that nice tube overdrive sound, in the traditional hard bop Wes Montgomery school of jazz guitar, an amp with more clean headroom would be ideal. A lot of jazz
  6. Here's a pretty good link about it from a vintage gibson blog http://vintage-guitars.blogspot.com/2005/1...ney-kessel.html
  7. A PM please. I am sorry was traveling back from philly last night
  8. I've had one for about four or five years now. Mostly I use it for loops and such. If you want a sign wave type tone you can roll the tone control all the way back which is good for synthy type textures. Also you can get a lot of cool effects with lots of delay and a slide if you are into that kind of thing.
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