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  2. Jeff Tweedy 1910 Iowa Street Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Just joking... it would be cool to write jeff though.
  3. What about the new Band of Horses record?
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. I am checking all this stuff out as we speak. Has anyone heard of Dan Bejar/Destroyer? If so what do you think. i just found out he was in the New Pornographers, who i am not a super super fan of but i really dig his tunes on their reords. Thanks.
  5. "Kinda Kinks" is a really good record. "The Kink Kontroversy" rips also. I am more of a 60's Kinks fan, songs like "Autumn Almanac" , "Days" and "Nothin' in this World Could Stop me from worrying about that Girl" are amazing. My brother is huge on the record "Lola Versus Powerman".
  6. Can any one recommend some good new tunes to me? I want something to take over my life. Anything will work... Thank You.........
  7. Hey Everyone Searched for this topic and alot of stuff came up, so if this is a pain in anyone's ass, sorry. But i have seen a few magazines with S.B.S. in the top 10 (or 15 or whatever) and i was wondering if anyone had scans/links to magazines that had any of the past few Wilco albums in their Top Lists of the Year. I am assuming Y.H.F. was #1 on alot of lists and thats bascially what i'm after. Anyways, Thank You for Your Time.
  8. Good Call, Thanks for posting. i was waiting for this. One of my favorite Dylan songs. I love you Jeff.
  9. This show was fucking excellent, they played so many good songs i wasn't expecting. I was right in front of Jeff and his amp was just blowing my face off. The crowd did a fucking great job too. I even captured the setlist off Jeff's monitor!! Success!!!!
  10. They are what they are and they are Amazing.
  11. If so what do you think, how does it sound/play? I would like to buy one but i don't know anyone who has one to give me advice. Thanks
  12. Yeah, overall i would say it was a neat show, kind of weird how they had the guy come out at the begining to set down "guidelines", the vocal harmonies sounded beautiful, but some songs ran too long and they talked alot between songs, like 5 to 10 minutes. It was really a good show but it also made me think about how much i love Wilco and how awesome they are live, they don't put a barrier between themselves and the audience (which seemd to happen here), they invite you in. Well, thats just what i thought. See You all there Oct. 14th!!
  13. The cover of "Love will Keep Us Together" is AWESOME!! Jeff sounds great.
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