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  1. Great show, and I have to hand it to Vancouver - I have troubling memories of Jeff pleading with the audience for any sign of life at the 2004 Orpheum show, but the crowd (and band) were on fire all night. My only complaint, as always, is that I'd like to have heard more songs from "The Whole Love". They only get back here every 2 years (as John points out in a recent interview!), this may be the only chance we have to hear "Black Moon" "Standing O" "Capitol City" "Rising Red Lung" etc...
  2. Greg is one of the nicest people I have met! Big Deerhoof fan. I really wish I'd seen them open for Wilco (what tour was that?), although it sounds like it wouldn't have been ideal. I remember somebody sitting behind me at one night of the residency saying how Deerhoof were the worst opening band he'd ever seen. I just think they're incredible! That said, when I got the Deerhoof/Tweedy single in the mail, I didn't realize Jeff had just sung over "Behold a Marvel...", and I was already pretty used to Satomi's version on the last Deerhoof album. I think I prefer her take, but I love the idea,
  3. I picked it up about six years ago in Vancouver - black vinyl, though. Saw it on the wall and took a gamble, not being particularly into UT at the time. Well, that changed quickly. Am I reading correctly than in addition to the 2xLP, you got a separate 7" as well as individual Rockville editions of those UT albums (which do indeed seem to go for a fortune!)? Your boyfriend did very well!!
  4. I want to hear the Crazy Horse version of "Art of Almost"!
  5. Berry wrote the music for Everybody Hurts but lyrics are definitely Michael's - the band was prepared to abandon the song before Michael started humming a melody to himself. Doubtful about Driver 8 as well. Michael admitted recently that Mills has had creative input on the lyrics since the beginning.
  6. http://wilco.kungfustore.com/category/42-stickers-etc/product/1740-bird-slip-mat-wil281
  7. side 4 is: 1. Lyrical Stance (I've Got A) 2. Formerly Hail Centurion 3. One More Bottle To Go 4. Something or Nothing 5. The Days of Wine and Booze there's also a couple of mix differences in the album proper on the vinyl version (i only remember one offhand, going into track 3, but i thought there was another)
  8. Wow. I'll approach this from a different angle and then get to the obvious: "I'll Fight" "Sonny Feeling" "Country Disappeared" and "You and I" all in the same show? That's amazing considered how much restraint they exercised in showcasing those songs on the February tour when I saw them (and all I really wanted to hear were the new tunes). And "Kicking Television"?!?!? I requested this a comically offensive amount of times for the February shows I attended and thought maybe I had a shot at hearing it, as I personalized each request with weak attempts at humor, and was none too surprised when
  9. Don't care as long as it's ON THE WEST COAST. Seastorms kept me from seeing his last show in Vancouver and I'll beginning to think I'll never get another chance to see him solo without travelling to Chicago (which I would happily do with more notice, in fact I wish I'd skipped the Pacific Northwest Wilco shows in February to save for his solo benefit gigs in March and then caught one of Wilco's 'Evening With' shows...). Being a west coast Wilco fan just doesn't seem to have any perks at all.
  10. and 'liquidation totale' is on the first loose fur record. 'formerly hail centurion' rules.
  11. Awesome, thanks for sharing the Kung Fu link! I was beginning to get concerned when I saw that the Record Store Day availability was limited to 1000 and not 5000 like the initial post said. As for anyone questioning the value, I definitely think there's some inferior versions on this release ("Misunderstood" "Late Greats" "I'm The Man.." and a few more all sound like crap) but the title track along with most of disc 2 are all brilliant, as are 'Handshake' 'Hell is Chrome' and several others on disc 1. That bonus version of 'Loneliness' is to die for, and I have high hopes for the other track
  12. Whoa they just played "Alice Marble Gray" by Califone in the same episode!
  13. I wasn't out and about but they just played 'Wilco (the song)' on an episode of 'Parenthood'.
  14. Seriously?! Where do you live? This KICKING TELEVISION box actually sounds amazing, considering the sound quality on the CD and the potential for how good it could sound on vinyl, and with 8 bonus tracks?! Price seems reasonable to me, I'd pay that alone for just the first 6 songs on disc 2 on vinyl! Of course, it will probably be impossible for me to obtain, but here's hoping...
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