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  1. Just found a copy of the RSD releases on Bullmoose.... I think they have more, FYI. Very excited to see/hear all of this!
  2. Check out the Nonesuch page - better price, and still have the black vinyl: https://store.nonesuch.com/artists/wilco.html
  3. Email came from wilcoworld, but no password. I would love a PM too - if anyone gets one. Also, the times given do not specify a time zone. Anyone know what timezone the presale times are? Thanks all... Uhhh - edit...via wilco website - times are based on the timezone where the show takes place...I am not too bright.
  4. Well, I have to say that after further listening, I am ready to post my rankings. Much thought and effort, and a wall-sized pro/con list has gone into this, but I will say... AM Being There Sumerteeth (Mermaid I, II) YHF A Ghost is Born Kicking TV Sky Blue Sky Wilco However, a vinyl ranking would be more like this: AM Being There Summerteeth YHF AGIB SBS Wilco Kicking TV I'm just sayin'
  5. Pallas, in Germany I believe. Best pressing plant anywhere. So cool this came early, unlike past releases!
  6. We are planning to go in the morning, go for a hike, have a picnic, drink a bit, and hang out all evening! VERY excited!!
  7. Bosscocked? http://bosscocked.com/
  8. The city of Golden (20 min from RR) does a great fireworks show on the 4th. My wife and I had our rehearsal dinner in Golden on the 4th last year, and all of our guests went to watch it and were pretty impressed. It was great! Glad to hear its Okkervil River! Great news. (Wow - do I need a new Adjective or what - I squeezed a whole lotta great into that post...)
  9. Had one. I really liked it, though I could hear its limitations by the end of the time I had it. A solid table though. I would definitely upgrade the cartridge on it - I like the Ortofon 2M Red or Blue myself. Its a good "starter" if you are moving up from a not so great Technics.
  10. Under $300 you are best off to find something used. Technics made/makes some good tables. Depending on what you have, you might want to just upgrade your cartridge. Look on Audiogon.com Look on stevehoffman.tv for advice, do a search there.
  11. I mean, if we're going to go down this road, we may as well invite Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn.
  12. Ken who? After hearing Summerteeth for the first time (and well before she became a fan of Wilco) my wife said, "do they think they're the Beatles or something?" For some people, great music = Beatles. For me, Wilco = Wilco, and 90% of the time, = Great Music. Wilco ≠ Beatles....EVER, Apples ≠ Oranges, though I love them both.
  13. Cue Napoleon Dynamite..... "Lucky!"
  14. Indeed. Hopefully 2-3 days doesn't mean 2-3 days from whenever we bother to get it in the mail (a la Musictoday...)
  15. IMO Paste killed itself with Lackluster writing, asinine reviews, and decreasing quality of artistic management (layout, photos, etc.). Those are the reasons I canceled my subscription to this once great mag, and why I don't want to support them now.
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