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  1. I got married in May this past year and we didn't start any of the "real" planning until late January, early February. It depends on how formal you want to be as far as planning. If you want the formal invitations and envelopes, you need time to select a paper, style and allow for printing/writing/mailing/response times. If you want to do a less formal email or oral invitation then you're fine (also cheaper that way). That's just one example of what you could do. You've still got plenty of time to plan, don't worry too much!
  2. Hello! I know we've talked about this before, Sarah, but I'll rehash for others. I've been married a little over six months, now. I loved every minute of my wedding day and thought it was a gorgeous place, lovely food, great people and loads of fun (though I actually barely remember the ceremony and reception and stuff). That being said, I would have preferred to spend tons less $$. While it was relatively cheap by today's standards, it was still a lot of money. Neither of us would have minded eloping, but we knew our friends and family would have been disappointed and angry. We had a
  3. True story indeed. Thanks for taking care of her, and we can't wait to see her again!
  4. I looked at who started this and I thought to myself, "They're not new, I know them!" Welcome back, as I have just returned as well.
  5. While not quite the response I was looking for, it is nice to see you all again. And I miss my cat, but know she's in good hands. Thanks.
  6. I recently moved to Coventry for school and looking to meet people. The last time I moved I checked the board for people who lived in the area and made friends that way. So I was just wondering if any of you British folks live in the area and would maybe want to meet a fellow Wilco fan.
  7. I had a great night. There didn't seem to be much audience participation from where I was. Almost everyone around me was very quiet, though I was singing along. The crowd seemed a bit off, to me. The setlist was great and included some unexpected songs.
  8. I tried both the pre-sale and regular sale and had no luck. Anyone willing to part with a pair for the Lincoln show on 12-7? My fiancee wants to see why I love Jeff/Wilco so much... Thanks email hamletjunkies@hotmail.com
  9. No, they weren't surprisingly easy to get, as I didn't get them. Even at 10am couldn't get them (not 10:01, exactly 10).
  10. Not big. I got through on the phone and they said it was sold out.
  11. She has horrible taste in men, marrying the guy from Death Cab... and not me.
  12. Still no luck for me. All circuits busy on the phone, and nothing available online. Bastards!!!!
  13. Have I mentioned recently that I HATE Ticketmaster? I was ready and waiting at 9:50, refreshed at 10, and couldn't even get to the ticketing portion until 10:03. By which point I couldn't get tickets. Bastards! I got 0 for the presale. Grr!!!
  14. I can get to the homepage, no problems.
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