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  1. Nothing up my sleeve, dash 7, I thought I held you, my darling, reservations, hotel Arizona, less than you think
  2. Jesus etc. I've always felt that any live version just can't live up to how good the album version is. Itmwly,bull black nova, spiders,
  3. Nice Setlist!. Shouldn't Be Ashamed and One by One. Can't wait to have a listen
  4. Looking for 2 for the Wiltern, got my shift at work covered so my brother could get a chance to see them. I was at the show last night and knew that he couldn't miss out. Preferably GA but DEFINITELY not necessary. Thanks!
  5. Bumping an old thread for a song I think Wilco could do a great cover of... The Beach Boys- Aren't you glad from Wild honey
  6. ANYONE PLEASE HELP! (Pun intended)... I would love to download the mono set in flac but since my downloading heyday is over I don't have an account to the exclusive sites... I had an oink account but we all know how that went... Any help (invite?) would be greatly appreciated, TIA- David
  7. Jim Ford is the shit!........ everyone who doesnt know of him should definitely get poptodds sampler disc.. Harlan County is a great album and the extra tracks on the disc he got has a really great cover of Sam Cookes "Chain Gang"..... someone that really slipped through the cracks
  8. I know that kid, he went to the same high school as me........ actually, my best friend wants to beat him up......haha
  9. yeah, their performance on Conan was really quite bad......
  10. Blessed Relief-Zappa Eat That Question-Zappa
  11. I'm in the process of finishing up "too far apart" for gh3........... I have it on the PC and am able to make my own songs/download charts that are already made by other people........ Sounds a bit extreme but its really easy
  12. Nope....... ......... I went to the venue, was first in line hoping they would release some tickets but nothing and I went with my brother and friend so off scalpers 3 tickets wasnt gonna happen so after about an hour we called it quits and took off............. BUT they're playing tonight in Pomona which is about a 45 min drive so were going out there to catch em
  13. So I've procrastinated on buying my ticket to their show tonight and now its sold out........ Should I look on craigslist and try my luck, wait and try and buy off scalpers or just show up early to the venue and hope they sell a couple tickets at the door ??..... Any input would be appreciated
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