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  1. I play slide, not as well as I would like, but better than I did when I started. I think listening to pre-war slide players is a great idea. If you will immerse yourself in that music you certainly begin to get a feel for how the slide augments what the guitar player is trying to express. That only applies if what you are wanting out of your slide playing is from that era. I confess that I have a terrible "ear" for music. I try and try in vain to copy what Tommy Johnson or Blind Wille McTell are doing but just can't pull it off. There is more to it than just listening to the recordings
  2. I forgot 3 of my favorite "old school" OK artists Wanda Jackson Barney Kessel Charlie Christian (possibly the most important electric guitar player of the 20th century, predating Hendrix by 40 years)
  3. Flaming Lips J.J. Cale Leon Russell Woody Guthrie Cross Canadian Ragweed Red Dirt Rangers Jason Boland & The Stragglers Bob Childers Travis Linville Bob Wills (from TX but made Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa his home for many years)
  4. i'm not aware of antiviral therapy for viral myocarditis. if people develop heart failure from the infection then there are medicines to treat this. i would have to consult my buddy who is an infectious disease specialist for specific antiviral therapy.
  5. What a sad, sad story. She certainly seems to have touched many people here and abroad. I am an emergency physician and this is truly a nightmare case. viral myocarditis is a difficult diagnosis to make especially in the er. patients often present with non specific symptoms of fever and malaise. usually they will have some component of chest pain or shortness of breath, this leads to ordering an ekg, and sometimes some abnormal findings on said ekg. often the abmormal ekg will lead to ordering a series of cardiac markers which are often elevated and that would prompt admission to the hos
  6. This whole residency thing has had me thinking about the sequencing of songs in the half dozen wilco shows I have seen and the dozens of shows I have in recorded form. My favorite opening song seen live would have to be Hell Is Chrome with the lone spot on jeff's face and the rest of the band coming in at "it was chrome". That song never connected with me until I saw it live, now it still is one of my favorites. I also always enjoy misunderstood as the opener. Anyone else have any thoughts.
  7. since gimme three steps was ut's last song live, how about a psych out beginning of that then into i must be high which i think was the first song played live by wilco back in 94.
  8. I understand the curiosity and to document that you were somewhere important to all of us who love the band. But I hope you would agree that that info needs to stay private because their are odd people in this world whose intentions may not be so benign and anyone who would divulge that info and then something bad happens would never forgive themselves. I have some friends here in Okc who line not far from Wayne coyne of the flaming lips. I know where he lives but respect his privacy and realize that giving that info out or encroaching on his space is not cool. I mean no disrespect, just my un
  9. funny how things work out. A friend of mine who is a working musician sold me his hotrod deville. It more than fits my needs and sounds like it was made for my telecaster. Thanks for the responses.
  10. I just bought an american deluxe telecaster and my solid state line 6 just doesn't do it justice. Probably my playing actually doesn't do it justice. I'm looking for a tube amp in the $1000 range. I dont play professionally, just for myself and a semi-weekly get together with friends. I'm looking for fat, greasy tone. Any suggestions?
  11. Glad to see all the negative reviews of the solo cain's show didn't change their plans on returning to tulsa. i promise we're good people, a little rowdy in oklahoma's oldest honky tonk, and probably not the best venue for an acoustic tweedy show. but oklahomans more than roll out the welcome mat for wilco when they roll into town. can't wait for the show!
  12. Wow! pretty much not a where to start question. funny how certain things slip by you. my parents played fairport convention when i was growing up, but in the middle of oklahoma you don't hear richard thompson talked about much. never put two and two together. what a schmuck. i've spent most of last year obsessed with pre-war minstrel, jug band, and blues. i could wax on and on about jim jackson, charley patton, or frank stokes, but this just passed me by. thanks for all the help and i'll try to research a little better before i post next time.
  13. i dated a girl a few years ago that adored 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. i heard it covered by reckless kelly on one of their live discs and went back to the original rt recording i had heard. it seems that a lot of his other material is fairly different than the vein of this recording. anyone know of any discs of his that might be more along the lines of the acoustic/alternate tuning, god i hate this word - "folky" and less full band, pop-oriented? This site has the most musically knowledgeable people so hopefully someone could give me some direction. thanks
  14. out of curiosity what is it you are trying to play with that tuning? i don't venture much out of open d, g, and dadgad.
  15. i could only come up with "is that the thanks i get" and "let's fight". any others?
  16. I too missed the stream while at work. a PM would be greatly appreciated. thanks. edit: just got it, thanks
  17. thanks so much for the quick response. i think i did have it as something else. everyone around here is always so kind with sharing the music. thanks again.
  18. i was searching for a copy of side with the seeds through my itunes and i can't seem to find it. has it gone by any other names? if anyone has an mp3 of it, i would be very, very grateful.
  19. i agree. maybe what i should have said is i love david koechner's performance on the show, not the show itself.
  20. i couldn't agree more. i loved t bones when he was on snl executing christopher walken and love the show. however, i don't think the critics agree as evidenced by some of the reviews i've read of the comedy central show.
  21. pretty blurry huh? and not really worth the grief i've caught for taking it. lesson learned!!! still had a great time though and will go down in my books as truly a great night. the tulsa world reviewed the show and made mention of all the talking and rowdiness. i guess i was kind of insulated from it by being up front and kind of in my own world being that close to jeff.
  22. i'm pretty technically ignorant as evidenced by me having to look down at the phone to figure out how to take a picture. how do i get the picture from my phone onto the computer? can i email it or something? like i said i'm pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff.
  23. hey, hey, hey. i've already apologized earlier in the thread. i swear by all that is holy, that is the first time in 6 wilco/tweedy shows that i have ever pulled out a phone. i usually even turn it off. for some reason i wanted to get a picture to document how close i was and to have some kind of tangible record of one of the most amazing shows i've seen. i promise you, i am one of the most reverent fans you will ever meet and my enthusiasm/obsession with tweedy goes back to the march and anodyne days. if i could go back, keep the fucking phone in my pocket, and not have my one weak-will
  24. i have a huge confession to make. that little fat guy putzing with the cell phone is me. i was actually taking a picture of jeff so that when i awakened in the morning i would have some documentation that i was really 5 feet away from tweedy while he was tearing through acuff-rose. even while i was taking the picture i was thinking, put down the f-ing phone and just take in the moment. i'm actually pretty embarrassed that the photo caught that, because i would have thought the same thing that everyone else is saying about some jackass on the front row messing with his phone.
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