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  1. As far as new blues players go, Left Lane Cruiser do the two man dirty, hill country style pretty well. Patrick Sweany also has a few good records. I think they both are associated with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and have a similar style. I find alot of new blues records overproduced and glossy for me. I always compare to the great country blues players of the 20s and 30s and then the Chicago records of the 40s-60s. I highly recommend "I don't play no rock and roll" by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Lastly the Henry Thomas record above is great.
  2. Obligatory self deprecating comment: I suck at reviewing shows but here goes. After missing him with the Imposters a couple of years ago, and being 3 yrs old when he came through in 1978, I finally saw Elvis Costello with the Sugarcanes at my all-time favorite dancehall venue, Cain's Ballroom. He played a solid 2+ hours. Opened with "Mystery Train" and threw in "Tonight the bottle let me down," Hank's "why don't you love me like you used to do" and the possum's "the race is on" for some honky-tonk flair. The sugarcanes with jerry douglas on resonator, jim lauderdale on rhythm and back
  3. What a loss. It's sad to say that i'm old enough to have been a UT/Son Volt/Wilco fan since anodyne came out when i was in college. The first wilco show i saw was in 97 and the wild energy of the band was unlike anything i had seen before. We hung out with the band for a long time after the show and jay was extremely friendly and enthusiastic about the music. I also saw him when he and ed burch came through after "palace at 4am" came out. again, i found him to be humble, friendly, and an unbelievable talent. i've always felt the jay bashing came from people who had never witnessed him l
  4. I'm sure that there is probably a topic already on this but, my 17 month old is sick, i'm working 18 days straight, and my VC searching skills are at their wit's end. What songs have been debuted live and have a representative recording? Thanks to those who help. Can't wait for the new album.
  5. I currently live in South OKC and have been here for about 9 years. Norman is a great city of about 100k. Great college town, decent food, actually borderline progressive for this part of OK. As far as plans after college, the economy here is actually pretty stable. good housing market and low cost of living. I was born in OK and have lived here most of my life so i'm probably biased but I think it's a great place to live and plan on raising my kids here.
  6. I think it's interesting that they would use footage from the cain's show. i was at the show and it was fantastic, but if i remember correctly jeff was sick and his voice wasn't quite up to par. i would love to see a show i attended be in the film, i just think that there were probably better performances on the tour. i am in no way saying that the show wasn't spectacular by the way.
  7. Anybody know who provided the "da,da,da,da" towards the end?
  8. and for instrumentals. the greatest sad song in my opinion is "Dark Was The Night" by Blind Willie Johnson
  9. David Bromberg is one of my all time favorite artists. "Sammy's Song" is one of the most beautiful/haunting/disturbing/sad songs i've heard. i don't know if bromberg wrote this but his vocal delivery is spot on. this was originally on his eponymous debut in 1971 but can also be found on The Player: A Retrospective. The lyrics are below. If you are unfamilar with this song, read the lyrics through then listen to bromberg's rendering. OK, i'm done shilling for david bromberg. but seriously, check him out. Somewhere in the south of Spain Sammy, still sixteen, goes with his uncle for a r
  10. Crapaud, when I was a kid in OKC, everyone was talking about Color Me Badd! Kick me while I'm down. On that note, color me badd is still au courant. http://newsok.com/article/3294769
  11. Hinder is definitely worse. They are from OK and I don't know anyone from here who likes what they do. We really do have some talented musicians/songwriters from here. I gladly claim Wayne Coyne as a fellow okie. I just find it embarrassing that the most popular nationally known acts currently claiming ties to OK are Hinder, the All American Rejects, and Toby Keith. Man that's depressing. It's gonna be a J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, and Woody Guthrie day to restore my faith in my home state.
  12. i bought a tricone a year or so ago with great intentions of playing like fred mcdowell or blind willie mctell. that slide thing is a bitch to do well and i put it aside for about 8 months. i put the strings i use on my gibson j 45 (d'addario phosphor bronze medium guage). they just don't sound the same. my playing has alot to do with it but i don't want to disadvantage myself with impropre string selection. anybody have any advice or opinions of preference for resonator string selection?
  13. what happened to the original drummer? i saw them in august and he was playing with them.
  14. i live in okc. i did run into wayne one day. he was extremely nice and down to earth. the vast majority of people here really don't know who is as evidenced by the people who asked me who he was and then were summarily unimpressed when i told them. i think he enjoys the relative anonymity that living in okc provides.
  15. http://www.hosty.com/ has been one of my favorites for 10+ years by himself, as the duo, and the trio.
  16. they walked out to "pure imagination" from willy wonka at one of the shows i saw. i'm pretty sure it was during the AGIB tour. i have always loved that song and thought it was a perfect intro.
  17. i saw them in okc last sunday night at the blue door. great room, with great sound and like 15 people, about 8 of which i brought with me. cary didn't seem to care as the night became a wonderful experience of seeing great performers in what amounted to a living room show. they played a half dozen songs off the new record and several off of each of their previous releases. since we all were literally within 15 feet of each other it was more of a "what do you all want to hear" show with cary giving guitar tips to the crowd. they seemed to really enjoy themselves despite an empty house in o
  18. i thought their cover of the Pogues "The Auld Triangle" on the 97 tour was well done. i also heard "i shall be released" and thought it was beautiful. not quite like hearing richard manuel sing the original but outstanding nonetheless
  19. i agree that casinos do not have the same appeal to me as other venues. they do, however, pay extremely well. i'm not a fan of theirs. but i do respect that they are continuing to play music in front of people and will probably receive fairly good compensation. if a johns hopkins trained thoracic surgeon takes a job in a small midwestern town instead of staying in a major metropolitan area, would you think that is equally sad? he/she is still doing what they love and providing for their service for people.
  20. Faith no more - Easy from the "Songs to Make Love To" Ep
  21. i'm trying to get my head around an acoustic guitar rendering of "sir duke". if there is anyway an mp3 could surface, that would quiet all the voices in my head telling me it can't be done.
  22. I've Fallen In Love off Bap Kennedy's first record on Steve Earle's e-squared label. A really beautiful, simple love song that my wife adored and we hadn't heard at a wedding before or since.
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