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  1. David Lowery interview on Marc Maron http://www.wtfpod.com/
  2. Have you seen this? The short lists are up for the Sony World photography awards. Heaps of lovely shots up there but here are a few that I liked. http://worldphoto.org/images/image/207317/?FromImageGalleryID=10925 http://worldphoto.org/images/image/655093/?FromImageGalleryID=21092 http://worldphoto.org/images/image/639346/?FromImageGalleryID=21101 http://worldphoto.org/images/image/669854/?FromImageGalleryID=21095 http://worldphoto.org/images/image/748864/?FromImageGalleryID=21093 http://worldphoto.org/images/image/316190/?FromImageGalleryID=10925 http://worldphoto.org/images/ima
  3. It'd be cool to hear Mark Lanegan sing this song.
  4. http://youtu.be/Q-4MUcZcCFU 17 yr old Ritchie Valens - the lost tapes demos
  5. Aww show me!! just before the guitar solo on Remake/Remodel - Roxy music Aww kiss me!! just before the guitar solo on Remake/Remodel - Frank Black
  6. Impeach is a funny word. Derived from the words Epic Ham!
  7. Parsley sucks. Why'd they have to make it so sharp and stick-in-your-teethy? What have you got? Some stupid virus or something?
  8. I have Marmite on toast most mornings and not everyone is a fan of that. You just gotta eat it right.
  9. Uncle Tupelo broke up in 1994 the year Whiskeytown began.
  10. If grillers really want something to drool over check out this large hardcover book called Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallman. Mostly stuff I'll never get the opportunity to cook, such as whole beast over a wood fire, but It's impressive to read about.
  11. jaja Soul asylum isn't a number. Good band though.
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