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  1. Got my tickets and booked a place north of Pittsfield in the Berkshires. Guess its about a 30 minute drive/17 miles to North Adams. We also had to pay for the room in advance, but oh well.
  2. Didn't Homer Simpson once say that Branson was like Vegas for Hillbillies?
  3. Being a fan of both Wilco and Ryan Adams (who have gone down very separate roads musically since the y'allternative days), I'm personally getting a kick out of how worked up everyone is getting over this. Seriously? If Wierd Al would've been the one talking about Wilco in designer clothes on that video no one would have given a damn...
  4. This was not only the best Wilco show I've ever been to, it might have been the best rock concert I've ever seen.
  5. I have a copy of the last Wilco show at the Cain's (which rocked). How sweet is this show gonna be? Probably better.
  6. 1. ELT 2. ITMWLY 3. Is That The Thanks I Get 4. Spiders 5. Pot Kettle Black
  7. Here's something worth looking into. I go to Chicago for weekend trips quite often with a group of friends and we often book condos through a company called athomeinnchicago.com. They rent out extended stay (and very nice) condos for business travelers, and have a minimum 3 night stay policy (it may be two nights actually). Usually, for four of us for a two bedroom condo that has a kitchen, bath, living and dining room it's around $1200 bucks for three nights, which is a steal compared to most of the hotels around there (about $300 per person for the whole weekend). We've saved a lot of money
  8. I don't know if there is an opener or not, I'm planning on picking up my tickets tomorrow. 7th row, baby!
  9. I would have to say When the Roses Bloom again, even though it's sad. No Poetry works too.
  10. My faves of the Engineer Demos (in Order): 1. Not for the Season 2. Corduroy Cutoff Girl 3. Venus Stopped the Train
  11. Here's the version fo summerteeth that I have Intro E C#m F# A [E]Like a cloud [G#]His fingers explode [A]On the typewriter ribbon [F#]The shadow grows [E]His heart's in a [C#m]bowl behind the [F#]bank [A D] [E]And every evening [G#]when he gets home [A]To make his supper and [F#]eat it alone [E]His black shirt cries While his shoes get [F#m]cold [A]It just a dream he keeps [E]having [C#m F#m] And it doesn't seem to [G#m]mean [E]anything [C#m F#m] And it doesn't seem to [G#m]mean [E]anything [E]One summer [G#]a suicide [A]Another autumn [F#]a traveler's guide [E]He hits snooze [C#m]twice bef
  12. Anyone have the tab for Love and Mercy? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  13. I've given a stab at tabbing this new Loose Fur song, which I think is kinda cool. It seems right to me, but I'm open to suggestion on changes. [E][A][D] He [E] resurfaced on the sidewalk on my [A] block, the other day [D] Well, it's a [E]fact check, sorry, Charlie, [A]honey he's back from [D]L.A. [F#m]So son you better turn it around, [G]Christ is on his way across [E]town, He was [G]getting tired of hanging [E]around, Well, he's [E] back Jack, smoking crack, [A]find him if you want to get [D]found. He's having [E] supper with the upper manage[A]ment of a new regime [D] He's in a [E] new
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