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  1. I have Orchestra Right Row B for the show in NH on Wed. I got a call from the venue saying there may be a visual issue, and offering a seat 15 rows back. Any insights as to what this would be and whether I should move or take the original seats? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. 42 - But they marked me wrong for something I got right.
  3. Thanks for the link. Sounds great, I love Nels' work on the lap steel and John's "Danko-esque" vocals. I guess this shows that Jeff is finally secure in his role as primary songwriter.
  4. Anal Cunt - It's kind of hidden like those Magic Eye posters!
  5. Good thread How about Thee Monkey Butlers (and yes, it is "thee" not "the") Caca Jesus and any of those Jam band thingies that combine nature and vehicles of some kind, like " Old Tyme Mountain Train" or "Great Smokey Love Bus" Iron Smurf was a band that I was in back in high school, had some nice art work. XTC - great band horrible name. Ed Gein and the Gravediggers
  6. My students don't use anything - or even use anything that would go in or be stored legally in a backpack. They also don't necessarily wear coats in the winter, as it is apparently "cool to be cold" (unreleased Dave Edmunds outtake). As a result, they don't do their hw, come to class prepared, take notes,or return the book that was issued to them at the end of the year. Thank God for summer vacation. Congrats on the prep school placement, I hope that Little Miss Brokendowntele ends up in one, as she finds public school "chaotic".
  7. It means his roommate, Todd. I bet the Neo-Cons planted the drugs as a way to torpedo Gore's potential campaign, as he is the only Democrat they truly fear. He should run with that.
  8. Jeff sounds like Steve Winwood? That's worse than RS's Eagles comment. Know what? SBS is different, like it or not, it is what it is. Mellower? OK. Cleaner? OK. Less obtuse and more direct lyrically? OK. Not mailed in, though. Just what was created this time by these collected individuals.
  9. For Better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Regular divorce stuff - very personal. Gingrich-esque endings, private yet discussable. Why are you pussy footing around an issue you know you would stomp his 'nads for if she was your sister? Call it as it is.
  10. No mention of the affair which caused his MS ridden wife to rake him over the coals and push him back onto he road? Low my brother, very low!
  11. As one who has danced with HR many times in my capacities with the teacher's union, a job description is not a legally binding document, and usually includes clauses such as "And other duties and responsibilities as deemed necessary." As a side note, and certainly not a judgement, there are waaaay too many off the main road issues with this job opportunity, and those kinds of complicated arrangements always find a way to get f'ed up.
  12. I get it, but I don't like it. There is still the pending indictment, once one issue is resolved, another arises. Also, we were tense the last few minutes, on edge, looking around suspiciously. That is what it is like to be Tony. Even when doing what "normal" families do, there is always the possibility of trouble.
  13. The inverse of a Fox News Special Report. Visual Editorials. Multi-media News Column
  14. Hi New Guy! I'd do her just to say I did.
  15. Forget what movie it was, showing a R rated film to 12 year old students is beyond poor judgment. We had a teacher get in trouble for showing Mel Gibson's "Patriot", and that's for violence.
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